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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Okay Okay okay already

Okay, you can all stop the Mexican Wave now, sit down, sit down...Yes Houston THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!!! We are in, we have keys, we now live here again.
Well, personally it actually feels like we are living in a swanky resort but I am quickly reminded that we are NOT because nobody comes in to magically clean and make the beds. Ripped OFF!.
Anyway, after a hurried shamozzled handover, a cheque debacle,and a few quick fixes and a few not so quick fixes we were given our keys. Zipedee doo daa...before I go any further I would like to say that our SS did a great job, although not a whole lot happened while he was on his annual holiday until the end of Jan. Eventually, the nasty ugly water tank pipe was moved around a bit, the glass kitchen cupboard doors turned up just in the nick of time, the tiler decided that he WOULD have a go at laying the tiles on the slab and we did not have to lay a levelling cement, and most things were attended to. The tiler did and excellent job, round of applause to him, clap clap clap.
We LOVE our carpet, complete with dirty muddy clay footprints from the removalists (not so much their fault I guess). I tell you I could have keeled over and sobbed like a blubbering baby. I was on "The Edge". One day old carpet and size 11 boots covered in clay, NOT a nice combination. There was even dirty sweat dripping down the sides of my leather lounges, eeeewwwww. The humidity was horrible, just horrible. Poor guys. It has to be the worst move I have ever done. I managed to remove the footprints with a dilution of Wool Wash and tears (no not really, water but well you know, there probably were a few in there.) The carpet layers were terrific as well. More applause.
So we have boxes EVERYWHERE. All I seem to do is answer the question, "Where is my...", for some reason I am meant to know where every single possession we own is secretly hidden waiting to be discovered, like a kid in a game of Hide and Seek. Now I ask you, Do I have a sign on my forehead that says INFORMATION DESK, ask all questions here? Yes I do, and it's called a frown.
So you want piccies. Well I have a few, please be reminded that we are still in the process of unpacking, organising, moving stuff around, moving it around again and then moving it where we had it in the first place. We are also trying to fill the big space we now call home with the minuscule sticks of furniture we have. Hello...echo echo echo...anybody in here?...echo echo echo...coooooeeeeeeee.
We have our driveway in progress and it's looking great. I nearly vomited when I saw it pouring out of the concrete truck the other day. It looked like a few runny baby poo nappies that I had changed some 8 years previously. "OMG" I said very loudly. "OMG!!!!" I then SCREAMED. Then I closed the temporary paper blind and said S**T hey? and walked away. It just kept on pouring out of the truck. Oh de-ja-vu, minus the nappies. Now that it has dried with the aggregate in it,*another nappy flashback, different type of aggregate though* it looks FANTASTIC!, Truly, I love it. It matches the timber front door (OH how I am in LOVE with that front door) and will match the timber deck steps at the front that we will be installing, some time this century, along with the same side gates. The colour is MUCH MUCH less vibrant when it's not wet.
Thanks to B-I-L and Ben starting us off with the downlights and can see our way through the cavernous wasteland. Steve has almost finished them now. Ok, I know, pics, I did manage to get a lovely luxurious white bathmat so it's not in the photos. (see above, what you though there was more?) It is very important that I tell you that. I have no idea why though. I shall take another shot WITH the bathmat soon just so you are not disappointed. *smiley face inserted here*.
We are waiting for the glass splashback for the kitchen, it is in Jarrah, and looks just like a Jarrah cup of coffe (with low fat milk, of course), should be another week for that to arrive.
I must say Thank you to our lovely friends that have sent best wishes, flowers, cards and gifts, so sweet, THANK YOU.
Oh and have a good look at the shine on those tiles! Gorgeous, that reflection is so great you could almost use it to put your lippy on. Who needs a mirror?