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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moving on

Well Happy New year wishes to you all. Thought I had better update as it seems the last time I did was 16 Dec.... We were pleasantly suprised to see someone there, putting the door handles and wardrobe handles on. It was so nice to see as we thought it would be a total ghost town for a few weeks. We have started cleaning (again, oh geez) the rental and sort of lazily preparing for the move. It's difficult to muster up some sort of enthusiasm at this time of year. The last thing you want to be doing is cleaning and packing. Not even the excitement of moving into the new house is working at the moment. I gave Miss T and Miss C a box to start packing the loose (that would be the whole room) items lying around and they looked at me as if I had 6 heads. The box is still sitting there and so is all the 'loose' stuff. I did clean some of the windows and some cupboards and the stove top. Oh I am sooooooo not looking forward to this actual move. Exhausting just thinking about it. Then the real fun begins, there will be a HEAP of work to do once we get there. Yeah well, that's enough work for today, boring I know but think I need a nap. Big night last night, New Years Eve, you know all the energy expended lighting sparklers, snapping a few pics and watching the fireworks on TV. Must have been the bubbly but I was asleep by 11pm. Old Fart. Ready for another nap now, trying to rely on the Dilmah for a second wind...well I did say Old Fart didn't I? Oh damn, the neighbours having a barbie, and it smells divine.....dream on. It's better than the smell of Windex let me tell ya'.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kitchen View

These are the Bar Stools that I would LUUURVE to get for the bench. Aren't they just so fantastic. It's a shame they are $289 each. Yes, can you believe it??? Needless to say they won't be appearing in my kitchen anytime soon.
Here is the kitchen minus the two cupboard doors that are having the GREEN tinge glass replaced. I was a bit unsure about the window being so flush with the sink at first. Now I think it will be great and act as type of a servery (servery not serve everybody) that we can pass things through as the BBQ will be directly outside that window. If people think that it will function in a somewhat similar fashion to a Bistro type setup, pay and get given food situation, they had better think again. I won't be manning that station, that's for sure, so don't get any ideas...
Oh by the way, someone pee'd all over our new toilet, not just one but TWO of the three...idiot. It had to be a bloke because they didn't even lift the seat. No, just did it all over the place. What on earth possess someone to do this in someone else's home? Miss C was horrified.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dumber still...

We are accepting the balcony. It could be worse if they try to rectify it to the original plan. I could rectify it quite easily myself with the help of a sledgehammer. Let me at it...
I truly do not care about it now. I am disappointed but it's ok, I am moving past it onto the next *uh-oh* moment. Build a bridge, or a balcony in this case, and get over it, as they say. To be fair there haven't been that many, and I have said all along that the build has gone super fast and the SS is truly fantastic. I still maintain that. There will be a site clean up this week, possibly today. We have our FUDGE, mmmmyummmmmm retaining wall bricks for the side. Thought they would go well. Will add the pavers as a path and fill in around with pea gravel in shades of browns, and a few sizes to add interest. Have found some skinny Bali Statues to put down there on the retaining wall to make a feature view from the Formal Dining window. Unfortunately, the price they want for them is not so skinny. *sob-sob*. I am still waiting for the little pair to sit on the kitchen bench. Think I will chase that up tomorrow. The sinks are in, looking nice with the Osprey Caeserstone benches. Purchased a giant fridge, big enough to be an igloo, the other day. It will be held until we move. The one we have is on it's last icecubes so hopefully it will make it. It seems to think it's an esky, not a real grown up fridge.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We are now rid of that encumbering scaffolding. It actually looks much better. The Jury is still out on the balcony issue though. Not sure if it is acceptable or not. It has been admitted that it is not correct, "a design fault", they said. The offer to correct it has been put forward. We are now wondering if it will look worse because the brick piers will be 3 courses higher than the render on the right side of the house, so this could look very out of place. We shouldn't even be IN this position of having to choose the lesser of two evils. It should have been designed properly in the first place. There is still something not right with those posts even though we have had the colour changed. Those wooden posts seem to be at odds with the industrial type railing. It's a bit like The Waltons meets The Terminator...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fancy pants floor wastes

Nice huh?

Stupid, dumb balcony.

If you click on the photo's you will see them clearer.


No, it's not blue, unlike the kitchen glass cupboards that are GREEN (for goodness sake *as she rolls her eyes YET AGAIN* I am not even going to go there, nor will I tell you that all the handles are on the cupboards in the wrong direction). There is a protective film on this door, it is frosted underneath and it had better not be green. The balcony went on today and I am furious. It's NOT what is shown on the plans, and I hate it. I don't care if you think I am being ungrateful, I'm not. I am sick of compromise, again and again, sick of just having to accept these things. We are paying for this, it's not free. It should be what we asked for. It's not. The kids think it looks like a jail, well that may just come in handy when they are 16, maybe I will keep it after all. Too cranky to type. Grrrrrrrrrr. If you buy an expensive item from the shop and it turns out not to be what you asked for what do YOU do?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Door to door

Not a good photo I know, that stupid scaffolding, so inconvenient. How can I take a good photo when all that junk is in the way? Gee wiz.
Apparently the garage door is due on tomorrow, now we are really LOCKED OUT. *big sigh*.
Fooey. Think we'll need a soft door closer on this door, imagine that one one slamming at the hands of a teenage tirade? Yeah right...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uh Oh

So we are locked out. Therefore, piccies will be slowing up. I CAN tell you this...
The Kitchen cabinets are IN, look fantastic, Handles are on WRONG,
Glass in the cupboard doors, is WRONG,
Laundry cupboard is IN, looks great, Handles are WRONG,
Wardrobe doors are ON,
Architraves and Skirtings are going ON, neatest job I have ever seen, what a shame they have to paint over it,
Tilers have STARTED.
Have some fancy pants wastes for the bathrooms and laundry floor. Very spic. Also madly trying to organise the retaining wall bricks and the driveway. I think we'll just go for the plain concrete driveway in a nice colour.
It's all coming along well, very fast and expertly coordinated, thanks SS!

Friday, November 20, 2009


I am melting here at the keyboard. Cranky, sweaty, so over the carpet issue. Here's the third sample. It's a mushroom colour, it's really nice. The photo is not at all an indicator of what it looks like in real life. Can't type. Too hot. The Rexona is not even coping today. No insulation, no aircon, no breeze, no fan, OH....enough!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mmmmmm....the strain of it all.

Yes, well we have now moved on to a darker shade and a different texture. This will still leave footmarks, but not so bad. Geez this is tricky business this carpet choosing thing. I really do love the colour but it is quite a contrast to the tile but this is neither a good nor bad thing. It's a personal choice. It will look lovely in the Theatre room. Only thing is that if I have chocolate furniture on this carpet will it be too much? Probably. Then again, who on earth complains about too much chocolate??? Not me. Only when I get hives, which did happen as a kid when I ate too much. Oh yes and the kidlets get constipated from too much choccie. Easter is one big strain. Maybe some of you are now having a revelation now that you have that bit of information. " Oooh that's what happened!". So don't reach for the Punes, just don't reach for the chocolate. Not sure which one is more difficult. SO will I break out in hives in my own house or will the kids be permenantly constipated if we get this damn carpet? Will the kilojoules pile on with out us even knowing? Oh the horror of it all...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Carpet Capers

Yeah well, it wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. We went to order the one that we had chosen and came home with 6 other samples and didn't order anything. What on earth happened there? We even saw friends of ours (thank you Sue, Steve and Maddie) and they helped us choose but we still ended up with nothing. I thought the sales people were meant to talk you INTO buying not OUT of it. Weird. So, as I type we have six carpet samples of varying colour, style, twist, loop, plush, pedigree, names, shades, heritage, you name it all laid out in the rental house, trying to work out whether the footsteps left behind in the pile will do my head in or not. If you know me you know it probably will. There is no way in hell that I have time to get the Dyson out 3 times a day just to keep the footprints off the carpet. No way. OMG! I mean how ironic is it that you get carpet to WALK on and then you hate it when the footprints remain behind? Then there's the damn colour! Oh, don't get me started. (as she feins a faint). Go neutral I say to keep it simple, well how many shades of neutral are there? I geez, I need a cup of Dilmah. TWO.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

2800lbs of Rhino = 107 toddlers

Yes, well we think that if 2800lbs of Rhino can't destroy the carpet then I guess we have a chance. Apparently we may be in our house by end of January. WooHoo.

So we thought we had better get a roll on and look for some carpet. I quite like this stuff the 1Q150 carpet. They put a Rhino on the carpet and the the carpet won! They even poured bleach on it and left it for 4 hours, nothing happened. Mmmm, that's gotta be worth investigating.

We like the colour Fallen Timber, neutral again. BORING, but well you know, I can splash the colour around in other ways, literally vecause it won't stain the carpet, hahaha. Wow, I can even see a little light at the end of the tunnel now. We have a Council clean up this weekend so everything that needs to go out is going out. I just have to stop the kids from bring the damn stuff back in again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feel free to stair

Yes, stare at the stairs as much as you want. They are a thing of beauty aren't they? We think they are a much better choice than that ladder. A bit more 'aesthetically pleasing' and much easier when you're rushing for school in the morning? Stairway to what you may ask? MORE CLEANING of course!! Imagine how much weight I can lose running up and down those stairs. I won't even have to leave the house! Brilliant. Now that Miss T and Miss C have fallen down the stairs in a few display homes, now they can do it on their very OWN set of stairs, how exciting, how cool! Practice makes perfect so they should be very good at it.

Halfway down the stairs is a stair where I sit
There isn't any other stair quite like it
I'm not at the bottom, I'm not at the top.
So this is the stair where I always stop
Halfway up the stairs isn't up and isn't down
It isn't in the Nursery , it isn't in the town
And all sorts of funny thoughts run round my head
It isn't really anywhere, it's somewhere else instead
Hakfway down the stairs is a stair where I sit
There isn't any other stair quite like it
I'm not at the bottom, I'm not at the top
So this is the stair that I always stop.
- Written by A.A. Milne and sung by Robin the frog on the Muppet Show.
If you would like to hear it and see it sung here's the link:
(Just double click on it and it will take you straight there)
or click on the triangle on the youtube screen top left of this blog.

If I see anyone sitting on the stairs singing some dumb song while I am cleaning that house they had better watch out! If it's a frog....squish.....little boots fall heavy.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gyprock checked by Pop the Gyprock rocker.

Yeah say that 10 times fast...Thumbs up from Pop the Gyprock extraordinnaire and his lovely wife. Very good job, they said. I would agree. It's all looking good now so I promised you a picture here it is. I have chosen only one, I know, don't be upset, it's ok. Truly though, seen one gyprock wall, seen 'em all. Apparently we are getting stairs this week, so that will be a nice photo won't it? Just a short blurb tonight, I'm hooked on that stupid, stupid Twilight series and I am almost finished Book 4. Stupid, stupid. Can't help myself. Off to read...Vampires, Werewolves? I mean, really? Tut tut. I mean Count Dracula never EVER looked as good as Edward did he?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


No that is not our house, No, we have not moved in, and NO there are no sausages on the barbie just yet. *rolls her eyes again*
This pic is one that I found from some display home site. I love the colours in this room. Perhaps I am not so in love with the grey tone walls, I think I would prefer a taupey colour. Anyway, just thought I would share that with you. I ADORE that blind, how fabulous is it?
We are at this moment being insulated and gyprocked. YES, I will post photos, I know that you are all dribbling and banging your fists on the keyboard saying "We want to SEE the gyprock", I can understand, it's so, so, so.......riveting? Keep your eyes plastered to the screen for photos. Well it sort of is really, because it makes the rooms into rooms, real rooms, you know the type....good for door slamming and poster sticking with bluetack (NOT) and for disowning siblings etc... I will have to ask POP the gyprocker-rocker extraordinaire to cast his skilfull eye over the tradies work when it is completed. I would say that he would be impressed. We also have insulation, so when the screaming and the foot stamping and door slamming starts we shall be somewhat insulated from the (Pre) Teenage Mutant Ninja Girls and and (Pre) Teenage Mutant Ninja Girls' MOTHER, firestorm. It can be wild. Yeehaaa, bring it on baby.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


mmmm even though Halloween is traditionally American, I would consider that this PUMPKIN picture above and to the right displays behaviour somewhat resembling typical Aussie Blokes?

Hey who's the SCROOGE??

What has happened to my Christmas Tree?? It has dissapeared. What the...? I have tried to replace it but it won't reappear for some reason. I have had a request to remove the cutesy animals, so I have but only until I find something CUTER!! All just for you Bundy... ;.)

Also a request for more pics. This request shall be fulfilled shortly. I assume it's for pics of the house though? I have added one I took of my Agave the other day, will that suffice?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Well, it really is moving along fast (like that damn Xmas tree countdown on this page, it's GOT to be rigged, it goes too fast I'm sure).We have Air Con and an Alarm system now.The Al Fresco (Barbie area) has a full roof and just waiting for the ceiling lining. It's all set up for the TV and Mozzie Zapper and the Chrissie lights for 2010! The electricals have been done and the waterproofing for the wet rooms is done. The way the water gets splashed around in our bathrooms they may as well just leave it like that! Nice blue isn't it? It matches the Port a Poo out the front. The next inspection should be done on Monday and then they will start the walls inside! Zippity doo dah! The staircase shouldn't be far behind that. I am really happy about that as I could not imaginebeing a very happy chappy if I had to drag baskets of washing up and down that stupid ladder. Maybe the week after next? They are prediciting rain for the latter half of the week, although the work to be done now is inside so I guess it should be ok. We are half way through the build time and it's looking great. We are very happy with the speed of the actual build, it's been great. Ok well, until next time...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Garden doodling

It's been raining here today so I was doodling a garden plan. Lots of colour and tropical lush. It seems a long way off and it will be a lot of work, but hopefully it won't be too long. My fingers are getting get into that soil...(no it's not old age, if you click on it you will see it better)

Officially dragging.

Well I am not sure if it's because the end of the year is near, or maybe it's the fast rate of countdown by the Christmas Tree to the right, but the build is officially starting to drag......for me anyway. The A/F roof is almost but not quite finished because they ran out of roof tiles. *I politely roll my eyes*. I guess it would be hard to estimate the amount wouldn't it? No to worry, we hope to have the alarm/aircon and electrical this week. It's sort of weird to look at it and see it almost finished on the outside and not feel like it's finished on the inside as well. I have settled a bit re the colours. They seem to look so much nicer in the sunshine (what dosn't?), so I am sure it will be fine when the door goes on and the garage door will make a big difference I think. It sure is a Roller coaster ride this building business. I can't wait to get out of this rental property. I have not had a good nights sleep since we got here. I am not a no sleep person. Not happy Jan.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cooking with gas...almost

Well today they put the rooftrusses up for the Alfresco. (very posh name isn't it? ''Barbie area'" to the rest of us). It is a common roof for the Alfresco and the kitchen so we will be happy when the tiles go on this week so the rain won't get in anywhere anymore. (aaawww no pool in the kitchen now, bugger)

Friday, October 16, 2009

cik-cak (pronounced chi-cha, well sort of)

My grandparents told me that if you put one over the front door it is supposed to bring in the money. mmmmmm they didn't say how long I had to wait for that to happen though. Still waiting...

I am rather partial to a cik-cak. Actually I love them. I found another one today so I bought him home. I have one, a bigger one already but he will be inside, this one is for outside and I may even get another to match. Not sure yet. I know you are dying to see him so here's a pic for you. He dosn't actually look that cute in that photo, but he is believe me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Colouring between the lines...

Well here is the first coat of paint. I am not going to get to settled with the look at the moment because I know that when the second coat is done, railings go on, the garage door is on and the scaffolding is removed, not to mention the driveway and landscaping, all these things will add and subtract to the overall final appearance. At the moment I am not so happy with the window colour (the bottom window in the pic has black tape over it). I am also not so crash hot with the black balcony posts. The chrome or stainless was way out of our price range, so that was unfortunate. Anyway, I can say that I really love the render and cladding colours. I think they are a bit different but still nice. The garage will be the same colour as the render so that will create a simple seamless look across the bottom. I think when we add the exterior lights and little things, it will tie it all together.
Well I am hoping so anyway...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Render Bender

Well, here we have RENDER. Looks ok huh? Of course it's naked, no paint, so when suitably coutured with the fashionable Paperbark paint, the look will be different. It changes all the time and we are never quite sure what the 'look' will be each time we stalk our own property. So far so good, bad luck if it isn't hey?
I will remind you dedicated viewers that if you *click* on the above photo, you will have the amazing opportunity to study it in closer detail. This goes for all the photographic records on this blog. I know how you are all sticklers for details, wouldn't want you miss a thing.
Unfortunatley for some, there are no shirtless tradies in this shot.
Would also like to mention that ''jc'' my H1 pacing buddy's house, is looking just lovely.


A change of pace, these are the two little Orchids I bought from the Show the other day.

(With the new house in mind of course). Please be sure to comment on them at the House Warming party, it will earn you brownie points from the hostess...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clad things are going so well.

Well, it all seems to be moving along quite well. We now actually have cladding almost all the way around the house and the Balcony posts are installed. It's sort of turning out quite different to what I had in my mind. ST says that it is how he thought it WOULD be. I find the size dimensions of things to be different. I think it's because the picture of it that we doctored on the computer originally is sort of etched in my mind. That picture has been on the fridge for a long, long time now so I have had plenty of time to memorise it. Now the reality seems somewhat different to me. Perhsaps it's a girl things, like with maps you know, how we have to turn them to see things in perspective? With every phase though it seems to change. I imagined the Front portico area to be bigger. HATE that word - Portico, what the hell is a Portico? sounds like some sort of portable bathroom or something. Well it's not portable is it? It's an entranceway, a doorway, a place to dump a thousand pair of shoes, a place to leave the those canvassers knocking while we watch and laugh, a place to scream out "Could someone let me, in I forgot my key?", it is in no way Portable as the name may slightly suggest. Dumb.

The fence between the neighbour and us is looking decidedly dodgy, so I think a timely star spike or two should keep it intact for the time being. Don't want to make the neighbours unhappy. I guess the 91 km winds that we had for a few days would have helped.

When I look at that picture above it seems to resemble one of those Techno monster things that unfold into a whole new monster. Gee that would be useful when disciplining kids wouldn't it? MMMM, we better do our homework, coz we don't wanna' see what monster mum will turn into next....well it may not work with boys, that would probably just amuse them. Girls would just want you to be a different colour, like pink or purple.

I am looking at some type of frosting for the window at the side, what do you think of this? I quite like it. It's peel off (with hairdryer) and lasts 7 years. It also lets in 90% daylight. Not too expensive, mmmmmmm.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Post by Miss C. All on her own.

Well today I am going to talk about the house. I can't make up my mind what room I want, but who cares at least it's upstairs. HA HA to my step brother because his room is downstairs. My sister's is next to mum and dads room which is upstairs. My step sister dosen't mind what room she has. It's good we have a roof. I am hoping that I can have my 9th birthday in the new house. I really hope I can. That's all for now. Cookie says that our house looks like it's on steroids. Miss C.

Take it Eavey

Well the weather has been horrid hasn't it? Not happy building weather at all. Today we have eaves, and they are so gorgeous, all straight and flat and tidy. Speaking of neat and tidy, the corners of the bricks are ready for the render. They do look very sharp indeed. *wolf whistle*. Oh, and some of the cladding is there too. We have been wondering when that would happen.
Apparently a truck carrying a load of someone ELSES frames *sigh of relief, phew* came a cropper as the driver got them snagged on the power lines near us. DOH. Luckily the frames were not damaged. Bugger the power lines, they'll get double dollars to fix them anyway. *snicker snicker*
We almost had a swimming pool as a late addition as the kitchen was lapping with water after the drenching we had today. Wild wasn't it? So much for the roof that became the subject of my editorial and creative piece of poetry. DUD.
I WANT these Bali doors, what do you think. Thanks W for the pic and bringing them to my attention, your brother says, YEAH thanks a LOT mate, $$$$$$$$. I'd like to use them as a screen feature to block the view from the Study to next door's bathroom. They'd be nice with foliage beside them and it would make it seem like the actually do lead somewhere. Got to be better than the Colorbond fence. By the way the date at the top is carved and it says 1957. Whoah...Oh well, dream on baby.

Friday, October 2, 2009

RAIN? who cares? NOT US!

It's raining, it's pouring
It's all so boring
We don't care
We're quite aloof
The timber is dry
Because we have a ROOF!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Venting, poooeeeeyyyy.

Well the whirlygigs were put in today and the external vent for the Powder room. The vent is a MUST HAVE. Even though I have done the Senior First Aid Course, I couldn't stand having to resuscitate all my guests when they visit the Powder Room AFTER certain family members, who shall not be named to avoid worldwide embrassment. It's shocking. Trust me. I know. The vent pipe travels across to the other side of the house to dispell the smell via the external wall. I guess that the poor neighbour on that side will NEVER open their windows on that side again. OOOPS. If you see this vent - RUN, it could explode...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Going through the roof!

What's that on the roof? Is it a bird, is it a plane , no it's super tiler

TILES, wooohoooooo.

Yes we almost have a roof. Should be finished this week. Bet the tiler wouldn't appreciate me sharing this shot of his butt on the internet, haha. When questioned as to why the mortar isn't black like the tiles, he replied that they use a different system and the colour will be done later.

OK. We trust in those who climb the roof...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Writing on the wall

Nothing happening on the site today or yesterday. Bugger.

Think I would like to get a few of these for the walls. Reckon I can talk the man with the credit card into in?

I think it's great.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speaking of on fire...

They delivered the roof tiles today, I thought they had brought the wrong ones, we ordered black, these were terracotta...oh it's the DUST!!!
This is what we woke up to this morning. We made it half way to Homebush Stadium for the South Eastern Regional Carnival for Miss T to compete, (asthma puffer in hand, think we all needed a hit today), and found out via the radio that it was cancelled, well of course it WAS. As I always say we need Ray Hadley on 2GB to tell us so, because if Ray dosn't tell us, then it JUST ISN'T SO!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brickies on FIRE!

Well the brickies have done a great job. They were rewarded with a case of ginger beer, without the ginger (wink wink) They were happy chappies indeed. There is one broken window upstairs *oops*. Well the weather has been gorgeous hasn't it? My fingers were itching to get into that warm soil so I have been tinkering in the rental garden a little. Well, I have to have some practise for the real deal don't I? Not spending too much, but popping in a Chilli plant here and there won't hurt. Sorry I digress...Anyway, apparently next week we can expect the eaves and fascia, render and the roof tiles should arrive. How fantastic! So we may; fingers, toes and eyes crossed, get away with no more rain getting inside the house. Will post a pic when there is something new too look at. Thanks for your attention span, you can go back to sleep now. What? HEY!? oh looks like you're asleep already...oh well there must someone that's interested. Yeah well when the smell of those snags wafts under your nose from the house warming BBQ you'll sit up and pay attention won't you???
Oh yes, and Freedom rang and said our 3 light shades are ready to pick up for our stair well!!! YOOOhooooooo... yes well THAT was worth waking up for wasn't it? Party pooper. Be careful or I will make you look at more pictures as well.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting there

Well they have taken down the blue sarong from the front so I am a bit dissapointed as I wanted to get a pic for Southies my HomeOne buddy. There's still a small wrap down the sides though. Why did they use BLUE? I wonder? Matches the dunny. They are bricking very fast, we are impressed. You can see the bottom floor is almost done.
I am trying to get a privacy screen going in pots. Thinking of clumping Bamboo or maybe Hop Bush to help screen the view of our house for the neighbours. The Al Frescos are virtually oppposite. I know my neighbour likes Bamboo so that may be the way to go.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blue Sarong

Well the house has been wrapped in scaffolding and then a gorgeous blue sarong of shadecloth. I guess since it's half naked, it's probably a good thing...mmm.
Little piles of bricks are all neatly placed around the scaffolding ready for the brickies on Monday. This weekend is predicted to be 30 deg. so the sarong is appropriate, unfortunately they are saying rain for Monday/Tuesday. SO when did we start listening to the Weather man? They're never right...I hope. No pic, didn't want to bore you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yaaay! Scaffolding is going up. That means they are ready to do the top half of the house. Yaaayy!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Freedom at Last!

Well today we made a purchase for the new house. I finally got those lights (THREE to be exact and they will hang at different heights) that I wanted for the stairwell. Saw some more pendant lights in a moss green that I liked as well,mmmm, maybe next time...maybe...I love Freedom.
Can't upload pics, they won't upload for some reason.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well the brickies have been busy haven't they? We had some rain yesterday so that stopped work, but they did great to catch up from the other day. The plumbers have roughed in the plumbing so that's another great thing. I picked just 2 photos (I KNOW, so very difficult) to puton the blog. You must be rubbing your eyes and yawning by now I bet...
The picture at the top is from the back and the other pic is the front.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shout to the top!

Remember that song by Style Council? I LOVE it. I tried toget it to play on the blog but couldn't figure it out. Anyway.. It's looking good don't you think? The house of sticks is actually taking shape. Miss C has decided that she will swap rooms as she dosn't like the view from her first chosen room. (The neighbours black tile roof). I would have to say I agree. Here I am having kittens about what the neighbours will be seeing and never gave a thought to what WE would be seeing. SO there you go! I will post a front street view and a view from the backyard. I forgot there was a long narrow window on the back wall. I just keep thinking, how the hell am I going to clean this house. Any ideas, please let me know. Better still any VOLUNTEERS, that's even better. The bricks have been moved around a bit and reday to go. Apparently we are waiting for the plumber and the brickies should start brickying this week after the plumber has done his plumbing. The bricks will be rendered so they are just basic bricks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

TOP floor please - all aboard...

Yes we are on the way to the TOP floor please!

It is very creative how they have arranged all that wood isn't it? Looks like a house? Don't you think?

This first piccie is of the front view from the street and you can see the Front door in the middle and the Formal Lounge to the right.
You can also see all the frames for the top floor piled on top. There is actually a floor up there already. The builders will be back tomorrow to start on the top floor. Thank goodness that horrible wind has gone. (Must have been the Indian curry!)hahaha

The second photo is of the bum view (the back..hahah OH I crack myself up with my jokes, OH! there is another one hahah). Wait till I just get control of myself again..

OK, the REAR view is the one with the windows on the ground, in front of the Theatre Room. The space next to that is the sliding doors from the Kitchen and the next gap is the kitchen window above the sink. (No it won't go down to the ground, they WILL have to put a sink in and I WILL have to continue to wash up. Bugger). You can see how the doors will open out to the Al Fresco, which is the slab sitting there baking in the sun nicely.

The pic at the bottom is the one with the big metal joist (?) greenish in colour, that is the front view and that is the garage. Next to it is the front door.
Hopefully there will be pics of the top floor in situ, by the end of the week. I know, I know, I can hear you saying, OH goodie, I can't wait to see them. You are saying that aren't you? You know that if you are not saying that then there may NOT be a sausage on the barbie for YOU my friend...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a PANE

No, not really just my attempt at bad humour.

The windows are there in a neat (well for building standards I would say neat) little, no make that Big pile. I am a bit worried about that one on the bottom though. It's on that gravel with a lot of weight on it, I reckon it will be scratched.
Just a little OOPS! broken sheet, I'm sure it will be fixed...and I got a free pen (and so did Rhonda) from Bexley Caringbah Sand (more free advertising) who left them as advertising on the gate, very, very clever advertising. Wish I had thought of that.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pretty as a picture FRAME

Yes, we have it, we are FRAMED. Now I know that it seems strange, all this fuss over concrete and timber. I would have thought so too, until I actually had to LIVE it. It seems to be such a sluggish journey that any type of momentum past the 5kms per hour sign is an achievement.
These past 3 weeks the builder has been steaming ahead, and that is great.
That pile of sticks has become the skeleton of our new home. I could even look through the front door all the way down to the back doors (and saw a very messy garden, gggrrr).

Yeehaaa. The lower storey is on it's way and maybe the top storey will be done by Friday? Stay tuned...could WE be so lucky...???

Friday, August 14, 2009

Frames but no picture yet...

Ahhhh yes, timber, timber, timberrrrrrr.....
I do prefer it in the form of a tree, or maybe a nice Dining Table, but today I will very happily settle for a pile of wood. Some frames arrived today. I think they may be the lower floor frames.
Stay tuned for more Monday. Beautiful weather for building isn't it?