Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Friday, June 26, 2009

The cheque is in the post...

Literally. So is the final paperwork. Cost me $11 to send it all back! Crikey. Don't they realise that the money pot is EMPTY? There is no money for Express postage, I have furniture and decor to buy, don't they get it? You know, important things like rugs and cushions and plants and plants...and plants...important things.
Congratulations to two Home1 posters that I have been following as they have (and will have next week) their keys to their newly built homes. How exciting! Yahoo. Yippee. Must be a great feeling after such a long and arduous haul. Well deserved.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well we have almost completed the paperwork (almost as gut wrenching as building the house will be I am sure). Just a tweek needed for the new BBQ area, (well you do want snags don't you???) and then it should be ok. Should have it all done by the end of the week, did I say that last week? Our new CSS is wonderful. Very knowledgeable, professional, efficient and getting the job finished. Will update as asoon as we get the paperwork done. Who'd have thought it would take sooooooooooooo long? Not me that's for sure. :(

Monday, June 15, 2009

Are we there there yet?

Apparently the final, final plans are done but now being checked, so with a wish and a prayer we may have them by the end of this week. Then we can return them by Monday, they'll get them Tuesday and then within 20 days SOMETHING should happen, ANYTHING would be nice.
We have discovered that Miss C does not have a TV aerial in her room, for goodness sake, nobody mention it. I couldn't stand the performance. Just an oversight and we should be able to rectify it further on down the track. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed, it all works out that way. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have just been delighted to read in a supermarket recipe magazine that; "It's been said that women who live in two-storey houses are, on average, two kilos lighter than their single dwelling sisters, purely because they run up and down stairs several times a day" I will remember that when I am dragging the basket of clean laundry up those 15 stairs for the fifth time that day.
I phoned the tile lady and asked if it would be allowed that I change the tiles to White in the bathrooms instead of Ivory. It was a no, unless you want to pay $500 to fix the paper trail that goes with it. Well, I ask you, whose house IS this anyway? Oh well that's that isn't it.
Our CSS for our building company is leaving and I am not happy. She is so great and we will miss her. The next person will have some big shoes to fill. Bugger.


Still final final plans being drawn up, everything else has been signed off. I am now in two minds as to whether I should have chosen the cream (Ivory) tiles for the bathrooms as opposed to the white. I think I will stick to the Ivory as I am trying to create that soft, relaxed, spa type feel, if at all possible. The vanities are white gloss as is the kitchen so that's enough I think. No, this is not the bathroom, I wish, it's not even close. I just like the feel of the colours and textures. Thought I would share it with you. aaahhhhh...float away...