Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Totally gone.

Here is a pic of the block totally empty. :(

We have signed off on the electricals and the kitchen/bathrooms. We decided on the Rolls Royce of ovens (it would want to walk and talk for the price it !!!!! I wonder if it can teach husbands how to cook?) Also have the Air con. organised with a special Allergy filter for the dreadfully sensitive noses in our house. We have reached the bottom of the budget and have the carpet, landscaping and furniture to go...oops. Guess we will be eating off the floor for awhile. Visitors welcome but BYOC - Bring Your Own Chair!
The final plans need to be drawn up, pending we have no more changes and then all should be done. We seem to think that it will be end of June before anything concrete spills onto this block...oh well, duzen madda.....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Still WAITING....

We are now waiting for the loose ends and choices to be confirmed with the builder, we have made a few changes so this is to be expected. The final plans will be drawn and signed and then I think they have 20 days to pour the slab. The block is sitting there in the weather forlorn and empty, poor baby.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Totally gone...

Ok today the demo was finished and the house it totally gone now. SO far the back garden has been spared any dramas. I thought I might have seen the Backhoe drivers eating their lunch while swinging on the swing set today but guess they were a little bit shy.
The skinny vanity for the Powder Room is a no-go. We are trying to get it through our Tile Supplier that supplies to the builder. It's not allowed because it they are only allowed to supply 'TILES' to them not a vanity. Now that would be disasterous wouldn't it? How bloomin complicated can they make it? So now the only company we can get one from is the kitchen mob, but how come they didn't say "Oh no, you can't get he vanity from the Kitchen people, they are only allowed to supply Kitchens! Oh NO!!". Yes well the quote was $350 MORE than any skinny vanity we have seen so far. SO I am sorry, Forget it baby, no bloomin way Jose'. I think we'll get just the basin and figure put something later. IKEA here we come. Our Builder's CSS is fantastic. She is doing her best to help us in anyway that she can but she has to follow the rules, and I am understanding of that. (Doesn't get me my skinny vanity though does it? Huh?Buggerama). We have an intercom on the electrical list (pretty cheap actually). I am not going to be running up and down those damn stairs ten times every morning, trying to get Miss C out of bed. For a suprisingly small outlay we can have an intercom upstairs so that I can BLAST her out of bed. Worth every cent I think. (Oh what fun that will be...delightful) Oh yes and any roving door knockers, let me tell you NOW, that I will have a CAMERA, yes a CAMERA, on the front door, so don't even THINK about it. You ain't comin' in'. hahahahahahahahahahahahahah (gee I think I said that with a bit too much nastiness in my typing movements...)

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Castle and the Dragon

(Click on photos to enlarge)
So it's almost gone, well it will be by tomorrow afternoon. Here is a picture of Miss C's Princess Castle that I painted on her bedroom wall. It looks like there's a big yellow Dragon outside ready to pounce! The guy in the Dragon seat was amazing. He had total control of those jaws and it could gently rip up the carpet and mop the mess up with it or it could rip up the floor in one big whoosh. It's quite incredible how soft and gentle such a monster could be. Guess he's been driving that thing for many years. Talk about precision, amazing. The Camellia in the corner was carefully spared, thank goodness.
No luck with the border tile issue. We have been advised to wait until the time gets closer and will check for the batches being made and the individual tiles may be smaller. Dosn't look good. One of those "UH OH'' moments in building we have been warned about. Oh well they are still nice but not what we ordered, sort of...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Liza is in the building...

Well Liza Minelli is in town and we have our very own Liza in our roof! She/he danced a Cabaret from the kitchen to the bedroom and back again twice. It sounded like she/he had pinched one of the kids Bocce' balls from the lawn and was rolling it around inside the roof. Steve says that she/he was tearing the rope out of the plaster and gnawing on the beams. I don't give a hoot what the hell she/he is doing up there I just wish she'd/he'd find somewhere else to bloody dance. I am assuming she's a she but she could be a Peter Allen I guess. Hey weren't they married? ooops ...Either way, I wish she/he would take her damn Cabaret somewhere else. I am not a happy camper when I don't sleep. Apart from that, the street noise, alarms that are not turned off and certain people snoring like a steam train, I guess it's useless to even go to bed. Real PITA.

The demolition has begun. I say ''begun" because that's all. No comment. Not happy Jan.

See photo above.

I have been told that the exact border tile we chose for the bathrooms is different due to the natural stones and the one they have sent in the post as a sample I am not exactly in love with I'm afraid. Bugger bugger bugger. I like it but it's not the one we wanted. Another PITA. (Pain in the a**) I will post photos tomorrow. Also not really 100% on the floor tile for the upstairs balcony either. The skinny vanity issue for the Powder Room is almost solved. It will be small but there isn't much space in there so it will have to do. Really happy with the other choices though. Still awaiting the electrical plans, haven't seen them yet, the bill was enough, fainting material!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Almost gone...

Well the house as we know is almost gone. It looks quite spooky as it has had the windows removed and looks like a monster with gouged out eyes. Really reminds me of a being with it's soul ripped out,(oooh how gross!, did I say that?) Anyway, not having a heap of luck selling the windows unfortunately. I think we will sell them on the internet. Well I hope so anyway.
We spent a full day 9.30 - 6.00 in Wollongong doing our Electrical and Tile appointments.
Talk about brain drain. Gee. It was also expensive, but I guess that goes without saying.
The tiles are quite nice, I am happy with what we selected. Neutrals of course. I will post a picture when we get the sample of the border tile, it was unavailable and will arrive by mail soon I hope. It's lovely. A pebbly thing with warm colours. Of course I made sure that there will be plenty of support for outdoor garden lighting. snicker snicker. (I have also decided that the corner garden will be removed and I will put in a SPICE garden!! yaaay). Sorry I digress...
So, the demolition should be Monday or Tuesday. Will hopefully be able to add pictures of an almost empty block soon.