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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breaking the sound barrier

This is a pic of our very frosty Sir Walter. We are so spoilt and not used to frost at all, so we were quite shocked when this greeted us the other morning. Needless to say all the Bromeliads were quickly covered with beach towels (to encourage sweete dreams of sunnier times) the next evening to keep Mr J. Frost at bay.

As you can see Miss C has tried her hand at Interior Design. She much preferred the teddy's in here than where they SHOULD BE in HER room.

No it's not staying blue. Which leaves the question, which colour to paint it? Well by now you will know that my personal standard answer would CHOCOLATE. Although the mind boggles dosn't it?
Perhaps PURPLE, or maybe PINK, how about AQUA? Mmmm....sounds like a packet of M and M's. *insert laughing face here*. The post tops will be cut off, but I want to see how much some bamboo capping would cost., although I think we have spent enough on this stupid dumb thing already.
Lucky S is handy with a hammer isn't it. Saved us entertainment unit's worth of dollars in labour.

Yes, well it looks like the sound barrier for the M5 don't ya' think? That could have been the new buffet we wanted. Instead it was spent on this visual nightmare. Not even a tiny offer of assistance from those "on the other side". Very dissapointing. With a capital "D".
So the stool saga continues, yes it does, I can hear you sigh. As it stand now, since we have contacted the Dept. of Fair Trading, the store will visually check themselves, 4 new stools tomorrow and they will be delivered to us and the old ones taken away. I am praying that they are up to standard. Please 'God In Charge of Stools', make these stools perfect. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE. I know that you are all saying the same thing so that you don't have to read another chapter of it all...

I have started to rearrange the garden out the back. Well basically I pulled out most of what I had planted and moved it. That's what gardening is isn't it? The plant Macarena. You just line them all up, plant them and then move them around until they are back where they were originally. ahhhhh ....Macarena....hey!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Longer than War and Peace

This stupid bar stool sory has gone on longer than War and Peace. The book War and Peace was way more riveting than this, even when used as a door stopper.

So where are we at? uummm well first of all, how cool is the new background. I love it. Bamboo!! Woohoo!!

Yes well, the 2nd set of stools were a no - show. Driver didn't call, we stayed at home all day waiting with anticipation, kids clawing at the bench wanting a stool to perch on... NUP. NUDDA. NOTHING.

Rang the shop. Told them we are over it. Not playing this stupid game any more. Full time whistle blows....drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. SIN BIN, red card, all over red rover.
Called the store, too bad, not getting your money back, they say. Lovely isn't it? Such delightful customer service. How can we expect the kids at Maccas to get it right when the adults show such disdain and ignorance?
They told us that they have the right to replace or repair. Well apparently the Dept. of Fair Trading tells us there is another "R" there and it stands guessed it - REFUND. Yes the ACT says REPLACE, REPAIR OR REFUND. How convenient to not remember that one?
We can make a formal complaint online, but will pursue it with the store on Monday. If there is yet again no joy then let the Online complaints begin....ooh let me at it.
Meanwhile we cannot buy any other stools because we need to get the money back first and we cannot use the ones we have because they need to go back.
We have bought the timber posts and the blueboard for the PRIVACY (screaming as loud as I can) screen. It will hopefully begin next week. Thinking it migt be nice painted Cuban Coffee, mmm , even the name conjours up warmth and luxury huh? (and I don't even drink coffee) , but I can almost SMELL that colour (goes along with 'hearing' colour a few posts back, as you would know becasue you diligently read every letter I write, don't you??? *snicker snicker* Ifyou can't remember that bit you had better REVISE, quick smart *tut tut*)
Yeah, so that's about it. Enlightened a bit now are we? Do yourself a favour and play the little frog's soon on the right by clicking the triangle. Will take you back to the days of The Muppets on
Saturday nights...bit like the State of Origin The Muppets isn't it? a puppet show.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go on I dare you

Go on, go on, I dare you to ask me how are the new stools???

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well all the Warranty issues were assessed and addressed in a timely manner. Apart from the hours wasted sitting around waiting for the tradesman to turn up and the the others that turned up unexpected *scream here* If you know me you will know that I hate that.

Anyways, 4 new bar stools to make an appearance tomorrow. What a hoot. We shall see what the results are.

Have spied a lovely buffet that I WANT. I was worried about mixing the old and the new but I do like to do that if possible and I thought that the whitewash would go well with the kitchen. All my Homeone buddies and M the lovely and qualified Interior extraordinaire agree that it would look wonderful. I would like this artwork to go above it on the wall. Yes I know you may need your goggles for that one, it's a tiny picture isn't it. Of course the real one would not be that size.

Yes well the main thing is that they DO layby.
It's a shame that we need to build a privacy screen first. Divided loyalities...screen, buffet, screen, buffet, screen, buffet screen, buffet. Oh it's all so difficult isn't it?

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Firstly I want to say Congratulations to my Homeone buddy bel, how has after many years of trials and tribulations unbeknown to us, has become the proud owner of a CC!. That would not be a coastal condominium or a cool corvette, something much better

Now, to the not so exciting stuff.

Now it amazes me how with all things considered, the gases, the atmosphere, the tides, the gravity and all that molecular stuff, that the sun actually manages to rise and set each day without any help from us mere mortals. It's truly amazing isn't it? So in comparison, how the hell one can't buy 4 new bar stools and expect them to be delivered on time and in a new condition? Such a simple task as opposed to the earth spinning on it's axis every day unassisted. One would think?
Mmm, well the stools arrived. YES they did. Why am I not jumping out of my skin? Because they are a load of c--p. The timber is split and has been filled, the lining is coming off, the sewing threads are hanging off everywhere. I am not game to touch that thread for fear that the whole world will unravel before my eyes. So I ring the shop lady. She says I will contact the importer. The importer contacts me and says she will send 4 new stools. OK I say stupidly. Over the weekend I decide I want my money back, I don't want 4 new stools. SO I tell the importer and she takes them OFF the delivery truck. So we then tell the shop lady on Tuesday. Refund please. She says YES sure! ...but they (shop) keep 20% cancellation fees. WHAT??? What cancellation? They are in my home, nothing was cancelled? Another Homeone forum person with obviously way more intelligence than the infuriating shop lady, steers me in the direction of info from the ACC and Dept. Of Fair Trading. Mmmmm I could have something here I think *snicker snicker*.
Anyway after hearing they want to keep 20%, (they should be paying ME, for the inconvenience of the last three months, don't ya' think???) we decide that we will yet again wait for a replacement set of stools and of they are NOT PERFECT then we shall pursue this down the rocky road of rage. Am I nuts??? So we call the importer back, tell her we want the stools and she says OK but the truck has gone and you will have to....yes I can hear you all in unison, it's like an AC/DC concert... all together now and punch the air...


I am hysterical.