Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Be gone Colourbond fence, be gone...

Damn you fence, damn you. Mental note...hide that damn fence.
Who's been playing in the water bowl? Where has all the water gone?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bug City

No, not that Bugs.

We have just paid a few hundred dollars for the Termite Warranty Inspection and a pest spray.
We have recently had the pleasure of finding the biggest Whitetail spider I have ever seen in Miss C's bedroom on the wall while she sat statue still in shock horror on the bed. We have also had a few too many of the weirdest moths I have ever seen, a few cockroaches, flies, mozzies and other nameless spiders. SO I ask you, what was the few hundred dollars for? Huh?

Hence my next paragraph. We will very soon be investing in fly screens. Now, I know they look a bit daggy, but after awhile I guess you don't really notice them. Do you? (she asks hopefully and hopefully again you will give the right answer). After all, we do live in a country where our fly salute is a birthright. I've quite often seen little babies with their fists curled tight waving their hands back and forth. It's in the genes. Really it is. So therefore one would think that in this great country of ours that flyscreens would be in Vogue, so to speak. Anyway now the dilemma is (as far as funds go) blinds or fly screens? Our temporary paper blinds have done us well. They are now looking very worse for wear, but then again aren't we all? Yes yes I know, speak for yourself, ho hum.


One deep breathe and PUSH...*pop* it's triplets!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Yes TWINS!! My beautiful Neoregelia has had twins, you can see them either side of their mum here. Mind you she is looking smashing and blushing with her pink hue lipstick. This is actually quite a large plant, it does not look like it though from this photo.

The garden has really taken off as late, thank goodness for the water tanks. I cursed the Council (and I still do) for the cost we endure for those bloomin damn tanks. I guess we have had benefit from them though. Especially when the kids were given that Slip n Slide for Christmas. It was great but we warned them not to swallow any water as the tank had it's own multicutural population explosion going on inside. Yuk.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dodonaea hedge

Dodonaea viscosa "Purpurea". It turns from this gorgeous lime colour to a lovely burgundy colour. I love the way the leaves point are shaped. I have clipped these very regularly to keep them bushy. I also have one out the back but it is a single specimen and it generally grows into a tear drop shape. I think they are looking great and are nice and thick. I'll let then grow up to make a nice screen. I think they are doing well also because the soil was so poor there as it became a bit of a dumping round from the build. I have improved it a lot with compost, cow poo and peastraw and sugar cane. Have also used a bit of molasses and Powerfeed.
You can see in the bottom left hand of the garden bed my rogue tomato plant. Not sure where ut came from but it is growing like crazy and producing about 30 little toms a day. They are sooooooo yummy, that real deal tomato taste. I'm just going to let it run along the driveway until it's done. May as well, free food!!
Yes that is till our old mailbox, that's so the postman didn't get too confused all at once. We had to keep that little part of the old fence to keep the mailbox. Not sure what type of mailbox we will have because we are not sure what type of front fence we will have. So I guess that mailbox will be staying for some time yet.