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Friday, November 26, 2010

Cutlery on the wall

This canvas has been many things over the past 10 years. At one stage it was hot pink and had white paint footprints of Miss T and Miss C on it. Wasn't that a nightmare. Getting their feet painted in white paint and then getting them to stand on the canvas (and ONLY on the canvas) in a certain spot to keep it remotely ordered and neat. Oh gee. Hardwork. Anyway, it has now become artwork in the new house. It's a shame that you can't see it in situ (well some of you will) but it really suits the are and gives the wall some personality. I saw the fabric online and bought it. It arrived in the post box and took about 20 mins to create. The most difficult part is actually getting it affixed to the wall.
For the photo I had to con Miss T into holding it up on the wall. It will be perfectly centered and much lower of course when it is done properly.
I really think it's suited to the wall as this is the kitchen and casual eating area. Well, most of us "eat" some others (who shall remain nameless and faceless in the photo ) "stuff their faces".

Da da da daaaaaaa...

OH look, a visitor dropping by to admire the spectacle already!
Click on the photo to enlarge the view, it's worth it.

Balloon flower is on it's way....

Yes it's come out of Winter hybernation (like the rest of us) and is about to show it's gorgeous face...

Scientific classification
Species:P. grandiflorus
Binomial name
Platycodon grandiflorus

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Just a few trivial items of interest.

AAArrrgh wild animals all over the Sir Walter.... and that's only HALF
of the collection!

I have had to rearrange this area soooo
many times now.I under estimated the far reaching rays of the Summer sun. It seems that this area is bathed in it in the morning and then it goes right around overhead and it cops it
again in the afternoon. Thus you can see that this Bromeliad is "blushing" from the sun.
It is actually now in flower. (See what happens wh
en you don't Slip Slop Slap?)

Flower? you say, what flower?
There they are, the little mauvey ones below.

So you try and do the right thing. Set a good example, take the kids fishing so that they may experience an activity that somewhat resembles an activity not based on some electronic gadget or computer and what does she have on her t shirt?....I'm Busy...check my FB (facebook) page *OMG rolling eyes here* Hang on a minute...What? What's that I see??? What a great example, dad on the phone....

Please be assured that this baby fish WAS returned to the ocean and it's mum as soon as the pic was snapped. Bet that little bugger won't go playing where his mum tells him not to again.

Child number 2 did feel it was a little chilly. She had to take up residence in a blanket to survive the afternoon.

This lovely old dog is obviously a local and manages to gobble up a few packed lunches and maybe even some fish. Looks like he has the
routine pretty well wired. There's a few to many generous visitors I think.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Uh Oh" (the unabridged version)

I saw this in an email and thought I would share it with you.
This is what the GPS WON'T tell you...

Oh I just noticed something...they are all men, standing around scratching their chins.
Now if they had just turned the map around in the direction they were going...

Spring a ding ding

Yes, I am skiting and unashamed of it. I cannot believe the blooms on this African Violet. It's insane.


Too bad.

I killed the other 2 though.
*as she sinks and hides under the desk*

The Bougi is in full
flight at the moment. Oh
it's so nice.
Has to be a female that invented this (meaning Mother Nature), as it has gorgeous attractive intoxicating flowers b
ut if you get too smart, whammo, cut you to bits with those
thorns while smiling at
you! Mmmm, I think I know a few women like that. Present company excluded of course. Tut tut. *smiley face here, with lipstick, of course*

New additions...

The 'small but adequate for the moment' Herb garden is doing well. Chillis, Mint (in the pot, NEVER ever in the ground please, she's the wild party girl of the Herb world, never let her loose) Lemon Balm, Lemon Basil, Coriander, Radishes, Silver Beet, Chives, Marigolds, Asian greens, Parsley and Bell Chillies. There's still a bit of room, so I WILL be adding, and then when I extend the garden space, well...the mind boggles...
Still plan on the Spice Garden in the corner, I just have to get around to getting it done.
I also have the front garden to do yet. *insert shocked face here*

Yes I have a brom (Bromeliads) addiction. So what of it?

Like my new orange basket? Yes I can see you are nodding furiously. I knew you would. Please also pay careful attention to the exquisite Masdevallia 'Rubicon' orchid nodding with grace (just imagine the Queen's wave) in the background there. I haven't managed to kill it yet.

Settled in...

Just some puppy pics...seems we have moved into a very big dog house.