Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Venting, poooeeeeyyyy.

Well the whirlygigs were put in today and the external vent for the Powder room. The vent is a MUST HAVE. Even though I have done the Senior First Aid Course, I couldn't stand having to resuscitate all my guests when they visit the Powder Room AFTER certain family members, who shall not be named to avoid worldwide embrassment. It's shocking. Trust me. I know. The vent pipe travels across to the other side of the house to dispell the smell via the external wall. I guess that the poor neighbour on that side will NEVER open their windows on that side again. OOOPS. If you see this vent - RUN, it could explode...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Going through the roof!

What's that on the roof? Is it a bird, is it a plane , no it's super tiler

TILES, wooohoooooo.

Yes we almost have a roof. Should be finished this week. Bet the tiler wouldn't appreciate me sharing this shot of his butt on the internet, haha. When questioned as to why the mortar isn't black like the tiles, he replied that they use a different system and the colour will be done later.

OK. We trust in those who climb the roof...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Writing on the wall

Nothing happening on the site today or yesterday. Bugger.

Think I would like to get a few of these for the walls. Reckon I can talk the man with the credit card into in?

I think it's great.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Speaking of on fire...

They delivered the roof tiles today, I thought they had brought the wrong ones, we ordered black, these were terracotta...oh it's the DUST!!!
This is what we woke up to this morning. We made it half way to Homebush Stadium for the South Eastern Regional Carnival for Miss T to compete, (asthma puffer in hand, think we all needed a hit today), and found out via the radio that it was cancelled, well of course it WAS. As I always say we need Ray Hadley on 2GB to tell us so, because if Ray dosn't tell us, then it JUST ISN'T SO!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brickies on FIRE!

Well the brickies have done a great job. They were rewarded with a case of ginger beer, without the ginger (wink wink) They were happy chappies indeed. There is one broken window upstairs *oops*. Well the weather has been gorgeous hasn't it? My fingers were itching to get into that warm soil so I have been tinkering in the rental garden a little. Well, I have to have some practise for the real deal don't I? Not spending too much, but popping in a Chilli plant here and there won't hurt. Sorry I digress...Anyway, apparently next week we can expect the eaves and fascia, render and the roof tiles should arrive. How fantastic! So we may; fingers, toes and eyes crossed, get away with no more rain getting inside the house. Will post a pic when there is something new too look at. Thanks for your attention span, you can go back to sleep now. What? HEY!? oh looks like you're asleep already...oh well there must someone that's interested. Yeah well when the smell of those snags wafts under your nose from the house warming BBQ you'll sit up and pay attention won't you???
Oh yes, and Freedom rang and said our 3 light shades are ready to pick up for our stair well!!! YOOOhooooooo... yes well THAT was worth waking up for wasn't it? Party pooper. Be careful or I will make you look at more pictures as well.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting there

Well they have taken down the blue sarong from the front so I am a bit dissapointed as I wanted to get a pic for Southies my HomeOne buddy. There's still a small wrap down the sides though. Why did they use BLUE? I wonder? Matches the dunny. They are bricking very fast, we are impressed. You can see the bottom floor is almost done.
I am trying to get a privacy screen going in pots. Thinking of clumping Bamboo or maybe Hop Bush to help screen the view of our house for the neighbours. The Al Frescos are virtually oppposite. I know my neighbour likes Bamboo so that may be the way to go.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Blue Sarong

Well the house has been wrapped in scaffolding and then a gorgeous blue sarong of shadecloth. I guess since it's half naked, it's probably a good thing...mmm.
Little piles of bricks are all neatly placed around the scaffolding ready for the brickies on Monday. This weekend is predicted to be 30 deg. so the sarong is appropriate, unfortunately they are saying rain for Monday/Tuesday. SO when did we start listening to the Weather man? They're never right...I hope. No pic, didn't want to bore you.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yaaay! Scaffolding is going up. That means they are ready to do the top half of the house. Yaaayy!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Freedom at Last!

Well today we made a purchase for the new house. I finally got those lights (THREE to be exact and they will hang at different heights) that I wanted for the stairwell. Saw some more pendant lights in a moss green that I liked as well,mmmm, maybe next time...maybe...I love Freedom.
Can't upload pics, they won't upload for some reason.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well the brickies have been busy haven't they? We had some rain yesterday so that stopped work, but they did great to catch up from the other day. The plumbers have roughed in the plumbing so that's another great thing. I picked just 2 photos (I KNOW, so very difficult) to puton the blog. You must be rubbing your eyes and yawning by now I bet...
The picture at the top is from the back and the other pic is the front.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shout to the top!

Remember that song by Style Council? I LOVE it. I tried toget it to play on the blog but couldn't figure it out. Anyway.. It's looking good don't you think? The house of sticks is actually taking shape. Miss C has decided that she will swap rooms as she dosn't like the view from her first chosen room. (The neighbours black tile roof). I would have to say I agree. Here I am having kittens about what the neighbours will be seeing and never gave a thought to what WE would be seeing. SO there you go! I will post a front street view and a view from the backyard. I forgot there was a long narrow window on the back wall. I just keep thinking, how the hell am I going to clean this house. Any ideas, please let me know. Better still any VOLUNTEERS, that's even better. The bricks have been moved around a bit and reday to go. Apparently we are waiting for the plumber and the brickies should start brickying this week after the plumber has done his plumbing. The bricks will be rendered so they are just basic bricks.