Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Well, it really is moving along fast (like that damn Xmas tree countdown on this page, it's GOT to be rigged, it goes too fast I'm sure).We have Air Con and an Alarm system now.The Al Fresco (Barbie area) has a full roof and just waiting for the ceiling lining. It's all set up for the TV and Mozzie Zapper and the Chrissie lights for 2010! The electricals have been done and the waterproofing for the wet rooms is done. The way the water gets splashed around in our bathrooms they may as well just leave it like that! Nice blue isn't it? It matches the Port a Poo out the front. The next inspection should be done on Monday and then they will start the walls inside! Zippity doo dah! The staircase shouldn't be far behind that. I am really happy about that as I could not imaginebeing a very happy chappy if I had to drag baskets of washing up and down that stupid ladder. Maybe the week after next? They are prediciting rain for the latter half of the week, although the work to be done now is inside so I guess it should be ok. We are half way through the build time and it's looking great. We are very happy with the speed of the actual build, it's been great. Ok well, until next time...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Garden doodling

It's been raining here today so I was doodling a garden plan. Lots of colour and tropical lush. It seems a long way off and it will be a lot of work, but hopefully it won't be too long. My fingers are getting get into that soil...(no it's not old age, if you click on it you will see it better)

Officially dragging.

Well I am not sure if it's because the end of the year is near, or maybe it's the fast rate of countdown by the Christmas Tree to the right, but the build is officially starting to drag......for me anyway. The A/F roof is almost but not quite finished because they ran out of roof tiles. *I politely roll my eyes*. I guess it would be hard to estimate the amount wouldn't it? No to worry, we hope to have the alarm/aircon and electrical this week. It's sort of weird to look at it and see it almost finished on the outside and not feel like it's finished on the inside as well. I have settled a bit re the colours. They seem to look so much nicer in the sunshine (what dosn't?), so I am sure it will be fine when the door goes on and the garage door will make a big difference I think. It sure is a Roller coaster ride this building business. I can't wait to get out of this rental property. I have not had a good nights sleep since we got here. I am not a no sleep person. Not happy Jan.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cooking with gas...almost

Well today they put the rooftrusses up for the Alfresco. (very posh name isn't it? ''Barbie area'" to the rest of us). It is a common roof for the Alfresco and the kitchen so we will be happy when the tiles go on this week so the rain won't get in anywhere anymore. (aaawww no pool in the kitchen now, bugger)

Friday, October 16, 2009

cik-cak (pronounced chi-cha, well sort of)

My grandparents told me that if you put one over the front door it is supposed to bring in the money. mmmmmm they didn't say how long I had to wait for that to happen though. Still waiting...

I am rather partial to a cik-cak. Actually I love them. I found another one today so I bought him home. I have one, a bigger one already but he will be inside, this one is for outside and I may even get another to match. Not sure yet. I know you are dying to see him so here's a pic for you. He dosn't actually look that cute in that photo, but he is believe me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Colouring between the lines...

Well here is the first coat of paint. I am not going to get to settled with the look at the moment because I know that when the second coat is done, railings go on, the garage door is on and the scaffolding is removed, not to mention the driveway and landscaping, all these things will add and subtract to the overall final appearance. At the moment I am not so happy with the window colour (the bottom window in the pic has black tape over it). I am also not so crash hot with the black balcony posts. The chrome or stainless was way out of our price range, so that was unfortunate. Anyway, I can say that I really love the render and cladding colours. I think they are a bit different but still nice. The garage will be the same colour as the render so that will create a simple seamless look across the bottom. I think when we add the exterior lights and little things, it will tie it all together.
Well I am hoping so anyway...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Render Bender

Well, here we have RENDER. Looks ok huh? Of course it's naked, no paint, so when suitably coutured with the fashionable Paperbark paint, the look will be different. It changes all the time and we are never quite sure what the 'look' will be each time we stalk our own property. So far so good, bad luck if it isn't hey?
I will remind you dedicated viewers that if you *click* on the above photo, you will have the amazing opportunity to study it in closer detail. This goes for all the photographic records on this blog. I know how you are all sticklers for details, wouldn't want you miss a thing.
Unfortunatley for some, there are no shirtless tradies in this shot.
Would also like to mention that ''jc'' my H1 pacing buddy's house, is looking just lovely.


A change of pace, these are the two little Orchids I bought from the Show the other day.

(With the new house in mind of course). Please be sure to comment on them at the House Warming party, it will earn you brownie points from the hostess...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clad things are going so well.

Well, it all seems to be moving along quite well. We now actually have cladding almost all the way around the house and the Balcony posts are installed. It's sort of turning out quite different to what I had in my mind. ST says that it is how he thought it WOULD be. I find the size dimensions of things to be different. I think it's because the picture of it that we doctored on the computer originally is sort of etched in my mind. That picture has been on the fridge for a long, long time now so I have had plenty of time to memorise it. Now the reality seems somewhat different to me. Perhsaps it's a girl things, like with maps you know, how we have to turn them to see things in perspective? With every phase though it seems to change. I imagined the Front portico area to be bigger. HATE that word - Portico, what the hell is a Portico? sounds like some sort of portable bathroom or something. Well it's not portable is it? It's an entranceway, a doorway, a place to dump a thousand pair of shoes, a place to leave the those canvassers knocking while we watch and laugh, a place to scream out "Could someone let me, in I forgot my key?", it is in no way Portable as the name may slightly suggest. Dumb.

The fence between the neighbour and us is looking decidedly dodgy, so I think a timely star spike or two should keep it intact for the time being. Don't want to make the neighbours unhappy. I guess the 91 km winds that we had for a few days would have helped.

When I look at that picture above it seems to resemble one of those Techno monster things that unfold into a whole new monster. Gee that would be useful when disciplining kids wouldn't it? MMMM, we better do our homework, coz we don't wanna' see what monster mum will turn into next....well it may not work with boys, that would probably just amuse them. Girls would just want you to be a different colour, like pink or purple.

I am looking at some type of frosting for the window at the side, what do you think of this? I quite like it. It's peel off (with hairdryer) and lasts 7 years. It also lets in 90% daylight. Not too expensive, mmmmmmm.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Post by Miss C. All on her own.

Well today I am going to talk about the house. I can't make up my mind what room I want, but who cares at least it's upstairs. HA HA to my step brother because his room is downstairs. My sister's is next to mum and dads room which is upstairs. My step sister dosen't mind what room she has. It's good we have a roof. I am hoping that I can have my 9th birthday in the new house. I really hope I can. That's all for now. Cookie says that our house looks like it's on steroids. Miss C.

Take it Eavey

Well the weather has been horrid hasn't it? Not happy building weather at all. Today we have eaves, and they are so gorgeous, all straight and flat and tidy. Speaking of neat and tidy, the corners of the bricks are ready for the render. They do look very sharp indeed. *wolf whistle*. Oh, and some of the cladding is there too. We have been wondering when that would happen.
Apparently a truck carrying a load of someone ELSES frames *sigh of relief, phew* came a cropper as the driver got them snagged on the power lines near us. DOH. Luckily the frames were not damaged. Bugger the power lines, they'll get double dollars to fix them anyway. *snicker snicker*
We almost had a swimming pool as a late addition as the kitchen was lapping with water after the drenching we had today. Wild wasn't it? So much for the roof that became the subject of my editorial and creative piece of poetry. DUD.
I WANT these Bali doors, what do you think. Thanks W for the pic and bringing them to my attention, your brother says, YEAH thanks a LOT mate, $$$$$$$$. I'd like to use them as a screen feature to block the view from the Study to next door's bathroom. They'd be nice with foliage beside them and it would make it seem like the actually do lead somewhere. Got to be better than the Colorbond fence. By the way the date at the top is carved and it says 1957. Whoah...Oh well, dream on baby.

Friday, October 2, 2009

RAIN? who cares? NOT US!

It's raining, it's pouring
It's all so boring
We don't care
We're quite aloof
The timber is dry
Because we have a ROOF!