Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Light it up.

These are nice aren't they? Definitely my style.

Stay tuned, next week we have...

Apparently we will have drainage on Monday and a slab by Friday, so let's keep everything crossed that this will happen. (Now, if we were alcoholic party animals we would probably need the Slab ( Crown Lagers ) on Friday and the drainage would occur the next day!haha) Wonderful. Will add pics as they come to hand. There is an actual white outline on the ground now and you can see where the house will sit on the block.
Oh yes, we have discovered that the fridge cavity is 650mm deep. The fridge we were hoping to get, not sure how but anyway, is 820mm. So that means that every time you walked past the fridge, you will probably take a fine layer of skin off off your hips or wherever depending on which end of the height scale you are. mmm, this could be a problem. Not much to be done about it now.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SO what's new?

SO what's new? I can hear you saying. Well can't you see the Tyre tracks? Yes we do notice every little thing that happens. They seemed to have cut and filled it to a certain level. I think that they call it a SCRAPE? The builder has also put their very own pretty sign on the fence.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The big tractor

The big tractor was there today. At school drop off time this morning we were very excited to see the dozer on the trailer outside the block. They had done the SCRAPE, I think they call it. We thought they were just starting but the neighbours tell us they had been there that morning and were finished. Hope they didn't get woken up too early. Uh Oh. :( but we don't care because we are too excited to sleep! HA.
SO we have been pegged, loo'd and scraped, OUCH....feels great!

THey've dunnied the dunny

We've been dunnnied, we've been loo'd, yahood. That means human beings will follow. (Well lets hope they are anyway, chuckle chuckle). That's new fence also. Ours is gooooooooneee.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Start your engines...

Ok, we have been allocated a Site Supervisor (SS), he's really nice. Hopefully we will have a good build relationship. We are removing the temp fence so that the Builder can put up their own fence, another good sign. That's all for now. Hopefully more good news next week.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yeehe heeeee!!!

It's a BBBOUNCE...we have Tiger Tails on the wires. Come on "C", let's get building!!!
PS- Of course there was no 'liasing', we had to organise it ourselves, only took about 10 phone calls, so what's new? Hopeless. Oh and the payment of course.
It also seems that we are getting a slight upgraded oven as the oven we chose has been deleted from the Electrolux line. Well that just goes to show how long this process has been going on dosn't? The bloomin' oven has been deleted because it's been around so long!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pooh's mate...

Now waiting for the energy company and the supervisor to somehow simply liase (yeah right) so that the Tiger Tails can be put on the overhead wires at the front of the block. This will be at our cost OF COURSE. Money money money. OURS. They are the yellow and black striped covers that go over the wires to warn silly people with trucks and cranes that may just bump into them causing themselves and others damage and possibly much much worse. They are called Tiger tails due to their colour. Next they will be requesting that Winnie The Pooh and his band of friends come singing down the street to keep the Tigger tails company...well I thought it was funny anyway.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Well would you look at THAT! There were another 3 just like it, can you believe it?? It says 3m to Al Fresco. SO it is real, we are getting an Al Fresco, so therefore, we must be getting a house. Yiippeee!! Never thought a red peg could look so good and cause so much excitement.
I also found some Canna plants pushing up through the ground at all odds, after being ripped up, bulldozed and left for dead. Amazing. Then at the front of the block, Coriander growing everywhere!!! My favourite and must have come from my herb garden. Well that HAS to be sign. Wouldn't you say? Happy Macs we are today.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is that movement? Is it moonwalkers?

Apparently... the Surveyors, (do they get a capitol S? I did a bit of surveying at TAFE and I didn't get it then either, passed the exam though, phew) have been on the block this week already and they will be finishing whatever it is they do tomorrow. A Thriller hey? They must be moonwalking in and out leaving no trail or evidence to be left behind, very UNlike tradies, I'm sure.
If you like the little fishies to the right, just click on the pool they are swimming and the food will drop and they will swim to eat it. Very clever aren't they? The puppy of the day is just a little thing the girls thought was cute, just to entertain you. (What? am I not entertaining enough?)
More News From The Block...when it is known.
What a shame about Michael Jackson hey? So sad. I still have my J5 and MJ (he deserves capitols) black records, yes the vinyl. Miss C calls them ''those round black things that play the music on that machine thing" I didn't realise how much I really loved their/his music. Listening it to it over and over this week made me realise how much. Ok I'm gonna' Beat It for now...more news from the block when it's known.
I'll put it down in Black and White for you. Heee heeee......hhoooooo hoooooo.... I love doing that..hee heeee hooo (in a MJ squeek), coz I'm Bad, I'm Bad, ooops, sorry got a bit carried away. Nearly Boogied On Down right off my chair. woooo. Who's BAD? yeee heeeeee...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pegs Please?

Within the next 20 days I believe we should have a Sewer Pegout. Now waiting for a commencement date and a Site Supervisor. Ho Hum..if something dosn't happen soon, it won't just be a pegout out it will be someone hung out to dry.

I've been adding to my 'remember this...' list in my book of tips. It's a really thick book now so it will be great for throwing if things don't go well during building. I have also been looking at lighting, and wondering what I will choose. There isn't much that takes my fancy I'm afraid. I mean, who gets excited about lighting? Not me. Well GARDEN lighting yes, but the everyday run of the mill lighting just dosn't do much for me. I have seen a couple of bamboo type pendants that are ok. I would like 3 of the above hung at different levels in the stairwell, but who knows what will happen. I saw it at Freedom and it looked quite nice.