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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Oh yes, how could I forget??? LAWN LAWN LAWN. 250 sq. metres of it. Sir Walter Buffalo.

Yes 250 sq. metres, not to mention the underlay...phew. Hard work.


Dog in her element. We didn't even get 3 rows down before she was out there sunning herslf and rolling around. Needless to say "She's HOME", finally.


Oh yes, just in case you were wondering. I am STILL STILL STILL waiting for the bar stools. Can you believe it? They say the first week in May. GEEEZ, lucky I'm not waiting for a drink to be served with that bar stool hey?

Also still waiting for the bedroom lights from Freedom...I dribble like Homer Simpson when I say FREEEEEEDOOOMMMM dribble dribble, saw a great rug there the other day....and.....and...oh yes and have just discovered that Ikea have the side tables I want. Clap clap clap. That means......ANOTHER trip to IKEA, zippedeee dooo daaa.......*claps frantically*


aaaaahhh, nothin like a Dilmah (well maybe a Tim Tam). Hey, maybe they could use that as a slogan?

This above, may look like the space under the stairs. It is not, it is my STUDIO. Spell it so you remember it. S-T-U-D-I-O. It just so happens that my STUDIO is situated under the stairs.
It's where I make cards, scrapbook, hide from the kids and the washing basket, drink Dilmah, and indulge my passion for paper and colour. To the left of that chair is the rest of the space and some shelving that holds my ribbons and stamps etc...such a nice space. Some may say, With so many rooms, why do you need to squish under the stairs? Answer - Because I can. (after I move the Dyson out)

One can never have to many Guzmanias. Nice tropical Welcome.

Well the front garden is started at least. These should only grow 50x50 so perfect height, perfect colours, perfect look (tropical).
Barleria Purple Dazzler. So pretty! I will plant in front as well, but not yet. Got to think hard about these things you know. Rome wasn't built in a day you know, nor was this house and this blog shows.
I have actually started on the back garden, but I will show piccies when it's a bit further ahead. Don't want to spoil you all at once now do we? DO WE???

I know I know I know

SO sorry, yes I have been very slack on the Blog front but I have been very busy on the HOME front. I can see you all asleep at the computer waiting patiently for another addition to salivate over. Well WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SCREEN, here it is. Lots of pics for you and a little jovial narration to get you by...sit back and enjoy the ride.

Above you will see my Rangoon Creeper. It took me forever to find one and when I did I had to shove it in the ground and hope for the best just before we left. Well, I have to say that after putting on my best Bear Grylls face (Man versus Wild SBS 835pm Monday's, do yourself a favour and watch it), I made my way through the BACKYARD *scary music here* and found it. Waving it's little stems at me, "Over here, I'm Over Here". Flourishing no less. Gorgeous.

Moving on...

Can't remember if I have posted this yet or not. This is my little collection of goodies for the drawers in the bedroom. I started off with the birdcage, then not happy had to find some other things to keep it company. Looks great I think.

Now you see her, (beautiful isn't she?). Now you don't.

She is no more. Somehow her face came in contact with the tiles. No more beauty. Not even a Michael Jackson plastic surgeon could have put that face back sad. Not happy Jan. Can't find the "after" photo at the moment, will add it later.

These 2 will be the feature outside the Dining Room window. When ever that may happen....
ho hum. Nice ha? I bet you are saying What feature? , well you hust hold that thought, because you will see what I have in mind.

Now just a few more for your viewing pleasure. NO, how dare you think such a thing? ALL my plants are house trained, they never piddle... (Alternanthera "Firebug", in case you are interested, it's PINK)

Below...a real sunset through the sunset door. That little bright spot is the sun. Cool isn't it?

Tunnelled our way to McDonalds, oops China, with the garden lighting. You WILL need your sunglasses at night (remember that song? who sang that? oh that's going to drive me bonkas until I remember, damn damn damn)

DILMAH break....