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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hi ho Hi ho off to fish we go...

Yes it was great fun. And YES we did throw them back. Too teeny weeny. Getting the hook out always sees screwed up faces and eeewwwww's.

I'm busy...check my FB page....gone fishing.

This one was a "keeper", nice sized leather jacket.

Oh and if you remember in our previous fishing adventure, Oscar the very "generously proportioned lab" was also there again today. He takes up the whole width of the wharf when he sits down. He was given no food by us and when we left we saw him waddle up and sit down next to the next visitor grinning cutely, thinking "here comes another few kilos of tidbits"

A bit sticky

What? Just another plant? Maybe...look closer

Found this little guy on Miss T's plant on her room. Cutie huh?

We hoped he would be happy there and take up full time residence but in the morning we found him on the stair post. How did he get there though? Those little stick legs could not possible take him all that way across the plush chocolate carpet, passing by an unsuspecting snoring dog and a mum that almost never sleeps due to listening for outside noises all night long. *yawn* (and yes I would have heard those little snappy legs)
So dad decides to toss him from the balcony to "freedom", yeah right. He landed right in the jaws of waiting skink! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!! 2 daughters in hysterics, aahhhhh, a fight ensued, no not the daughters, with the skink and the stick insect. OMG!!!!! The sight of the 4 of us racing down the stairs to rescue him was something akin to the 3 stooges. What a hoot! At least I know I have daughters with a heart. SO the stick insect was snatched from the waiting jaws of the dastardly skink and safely placed on the Hydrangea out the back. He looked a little pale, mmm, I am not surprised after what he has just been through. Being flung from a balcony and nearly eaten by a skink then snatched back again. That's enough to make anyone look a little "pale" even if you are green already.
Then...(no too much excitement for you is it?) Miss C finds ANOTHER stick insect on the glass door! What's going on? Is this the Invasion of the green toothpicks? (Could be a movie?) So this one was also deposited on the same plant for safety. I did actually see the original stick insect (I know it was him as he has a missing leg, no that was PRE skink, we are NOT responsible) on the other sliding door. Maybe I should say I see NUTHING.... camouflage.


Just a little update. Here's the front garden. Just wee babies but they will grow.