Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moving on

Well Happy New year wishes to you all. Thought I had better update as it seems the last time I did was 16 Dec.... We were pleasantly suprised to see someone there, putting the door handles and wardrobe handles on. It was so nice to see as we thought it would be a total ghost town for a few weeks. We have started cleaning (again, oh geez) the rental and sort of lazily preparing for the move. It's difficult to muster up some sort of enthusiasm at this time of year. The last thing you want to be doing is cleaning and packing. Not even the excitement of moving into the new house is working at the moment. I gave Miss T and Miss C a box to start packing the loose (that would be the whole room) items lying around and they looked at me as if I had 6 heads. The box is still sitting there and so is all the 'loose' stuff. I did clean some of the windows and some cupboards and the stove top. Oh I am sooooooo not looking forward to this actual move. Exhausting just thinking about it. Then the real fun begins, there will be a HEAP of work to do once we get there. Yeah well, that's enough work for today, boring I know but think I need a nap. Big night last night, New Years Eve, you know all the energy expended lighting sparklers, snapping a few pics and watching the fireworks on TV. Must have been the bubbly but I was asleep by 11pm. Old Fart. Ready for another nap now, trying to rely on the Dilmah for a second wind...well I did say Old Fart didn't I? Oh damn, the neighbours having a barbie, and it smells divine.....dream on. It's better than the smell of Windex let me tell ya'.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kitchen View

These are the Bar Stools that I would LUUURVE to get for the bench. Aren't they just so fantastic. It's a shame they are $289 each. Yes, can you believe it??? Needless to say they won't be appearing in my kitchen anytime soon.
Here is the kitchen minus the two cupboard doors that are having the GREEN tinge glass replaced. I was a bit unsure about the window being so flush with the sink at first. Now I think it will be great and act as type of a servery (servery not serve everybody) that we can pass things through as the BBQ will be directly outside that window. If people think that it will function in a somewhat similar fashion to a Bistro type setup, pay and get given food situation, they had better think again. I won't be manning that station, that's for sure, so don't get any ideas...
Oh by the way, someone pee'd all over our new toilet, not just one but TWO of the three...idiot. It had to be a bloke because they didn't even lift the seat. No, just did it all over the place. What on earth possess someone to do this in someone else's home? Miss C was horrified.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dumber still...

We are accepting the balcony. It could be worse if they try to rectify it to the original plan. I could rectify it quite easily myself with the help of a sledgehammer. Let me at it...
I truly do not care about it now. I am disappointed but it's ok, I am moving past it onto the next *uh-oh* moment. Build a bridge, or a balcony in this case, and get over it, as they say. To be fair there haven't been that many, and I have said all along that the build has gone super fast and the SS is truly fantastic. I still maintain that. There will be a site clean up this week, possibly today. We have our FUDGE, mmmmyummmmmm retaining wall bricks for the side. Thought they would go well. Will add the pavers as a path and fill in around with pea gravel in shades of browns, and a few sizes to add interest. Have found some skinny Bali Statues to put down there on the retaining wall to make a feature view from the Formal Dining window. Unfortunately, the price they want for them is not so skinny. *sob-sob*. I am still waiting for the little pair to sit on the kitchen bench. Think I will chase that up tomorrow. The sinks are in, looking nice with the Osprey Caeserstone benches. Purchased a giant fridge, big enough to be an igloo, the other day. It will be held until we move. The one we have is on it's last icecubes so hopefully it will make it. It seems to think it's an esky, not a real grown up fridge.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We are now rid of that encumbering scaffolding. It actually looks much better. The Jury is still out on the balcony issue though. Not sure if it is acceptable or not. It has been admitted that it is not correct, "a design fault", they said. The offer to correct it has been put forward. We are now wondering if it will look worse because the brick piers will be 3 courses higher than the render on the right side of the house, so this could look very out of place. We shouldn't even be IN this position of having to choose the lesser of two evils. It should have been designed properly in the first place. There is still something not right with those posts even though we have had the colour changed. Those wooden posts seem to be at odds with the industrial type railing. It's a bit like The Waltons meets The Terminator...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fancy pants floor wastes

Nice huh?

Stupid, dumb balcony.

If you click on the photo's you will see them clearer.


No, it's not blue, unlike the kitchen glass cupboards that are GREEN (for goodness sake *as she rolls her eyes YET AGAIN* I am not even going to go there, nor will I tell you that all the handles are on the cupboards in the wrong direction). There is a protective film on this door, it is frosted underneath and it had better not be green. The balcony went on today and I am furious. It's NOT what is shown on the plans, and I hate it. I don't care if you think I am being ungrateful, I'm not. I am sick of compromise, again and again, sick of just having to accept these things. We are paying for this, it's not free. It should be what we asked for. It's not. The kids think it looks like a jail, well that may just come in handy when they are 16, maybe I will keep it after all. Too cranky to type. Grrrrrrrrrr. If you buy an expensive item from the shop and it turns out not to be what you asked for what do YOU do?