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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cleaning Up...

ANZAC DAY. We remember them.

Well we seem to be selling quite a bit of stuff from the house. It's great. A few things to go, a few doors etc. One guy even asked me how much for my Basil plant???HAHAHAHAHA. Well I do have to say, it was quite impressive, about 3 feet tall and growing... I relented and let him have the plant for free. Can you believe it, what a bargain. (Not to mention the corrugated iron pile he got for $50 but the Ocimum basiliscum was a better deal no doubt). Funny to see this trailer load of tin driving off to the West (poor Basil baby, condemned to a life West of the Princes Highway, no waft of the seaside anymore..uuggghh, shiver, choke - no offence meant to anyone :)) with the Basil waving it's stems bye bye in the breeze. Wow, won't the motorists behind be confused about the changing scent of the West? Mind you after that, guilt laden, I went ahead and dug up the other herbies I had left for the dozer. Now they are safely tucked into cow poo in the front pocket of a garden at the rental. Should be bloomin thankful they should. Talking herbs, the girls and I planted a Rosemary today in the school garden for ANZAC Day. Okay Okay, enough plant talk. Can't bloomin help myself once I start...
Thank goodness it's ├žlean up week next week so we can throw some stuff to the kerb literally and it will be gone. At present I am listening to some nice Jazz uh I mean Mettalica NOT, on Wonder if I could get one of my kids to play piano like that? It's costing us enough each week. Mind you Miss C said that she wants to play trumpet now so there could be a new Jazz band coming up. Yeah right.
Official Demolition Sale tomorrow, fingers crossed we get rid of it all. Oh did I mention that a lady even rang up and wanted to buy the whole house?!! Said they wouldn't be ready until late May so not quick enough for us. Plus there is always trouble moving the houses etc. so not really an option but funny enough hey?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Downstairs on the left and upstairs on the right.

Friday, April 17, 2009


East elevation is

Back view showing Al Fresco Front view.

West view is Front. Cladding top half. Balcony to the left.
Click on photos to enlarge view.

I thought that I would try to post a photo of the front and back plans of the house. We decided to double the Al Fresco so it is quite a good size now. We found some great 'ready to go' type BBQ, sink and fridge set ups at BBQ's Galore. They are in stone with a Ceaserstone type top. Really swish and much easier than doing it yourself with bricks. Shame we can't buy and store it because they are on sale and the guy was going to waive the $200 delivery fee. (they are really very heavy). I guess when we buy one in a year or so they will have a new and updated version. Anyway I got a bit off the track there.

It seems that we feel the building won't start until maybe May towards the end. The demolition should be next week. The house is nearly empty and ready to be smashed down. It has taken a lot of work and trips to get to that point. Seems like we will never get there but I know once the building has started it will feel a bit better. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So here we are in our rental. It has taken a million (yes a million) trips to get all our stuff here.
The Cronulla Removals guys were fantastic. It ended up torrential rain and their happy faces soon turned to mud. I think that if it was me I would have thrown a tanti and gone home. They were very good sports under such horrible conditions. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
We are still bringing stuff to the house. We are so lucky that we had the luxury of being able to take our time to move. Of course the important things like my TWO trailer loads of plants are moved, that's the main thing. The other stuff like food, clothing, children, dog, yeah well they're here too I think. We have filled one room with boxes so perhaps they are in there?
Anyway we have adjusted quite well I think. The lovely deck off the back of the house is really nice and making a great handball court for the girls. (and storage for some ''we have nowhere else to put it'" furtniture). The backyard is enormous. We haven't attempted to mow it yet but I guess we will have to work up the courage this weekend. It's not for the faint hearted let me tell you!
The demolition is planned for the 26th April, so hopefully that will all happen ok. Still need to choose the electrical and lighting. That will be an appointment very soon.
I think we will take the girls to the Easter Show this year. C has never been and T went when she was 3 I think. Thanks Mr. Rudd for shouting us a day at tthe show $$$
Have a Happy Easter and we will update soon. Hopefully next Easter will be in our new home!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Yaaaayyyyy!!!Council approval on 1st April, oh! that's April Fools Day, hope that's not an omen.
Today we moved a lot of stuff again...where does it all come from? Do we really need ALL this STUFF??? It's really quite ridiculous. I promise to sift through all this stuff so that when we move into our big new house we won't have all this junk ...she says running from the computer...I PROMISE......really I WILL!