Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ruby and Sable...mmmmmm

No words needed for this post, well maybe one...LUVIT.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lounging around

NEWSFLASH...unscheduled EARLY ( can you believe it??? ) delivery of the 2 new lounge suites. The salesman told us on the phone that the RUBY one looks fabulous, but OF COURSE I say, tell me something I DON'T know. RUBY as in red, baby...woohoo - colour, colour, oh I am in raptures over some colour. The neutral is nice but neutral can only be declared neutral if it is contrasted with colour can it not? Thursday AM delivery. You shall be blessed with pretty piccies by Thursday PM.Put you sunnies on, be warned.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To the serial lurker...

Hey Bundy! *frantically waves*

Single or Double scoop?

Who the hell wanted a 2 storey house? BL**DY HELL. Yes, good for the thighs, right, yes I know. At least now I have a little incentive to go up the stairs (for 67th time today) and that's to look at my lights...mmmmmm......LURVLEY...........oh now I am sounding like Homer Simpson. Ugggh. I am starting to form little piles of "stuff" at the bottom and top of the stairs to be taken up or down on the next trip. I should keep a mileage log for these stairs, better not, the Tax man wouldn't believe me.
So here is a progress pic of Miss T's room. It's fresh and fun and a great space to be in. It feels light and positive, BUT... (I am very fond of those three little dots and the dramatic pauses aren't I? and the parentheses - brackets - also),yes, as I was saying, it's looking more like a Gelato Store every day. (what are they called those Gelato places, shops? Parlour? Bar?). The rug was a bargain on ebay and it's fantastic!'s HUUUGE. Way bigger than I thought. I actually had to put a bit of it under the bed. All we need now is a bling bling cushion (in AQUA of course)for the bed, oh and a little desk, oh and a blind, oh and curtains, and .........phew, this interior stuff is exhausting.Yes, so any of you guys that are a bit thin on the scalp department, you can get a bargain rug on ebay hahahheheh *hysterically falling on the floor now, love my own jokes*

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Boy's Light Up...light up...light up...light up

Yes, well if you remember that song then you are around my vintage. Yaaayyyy!!!
Here they are my funky, just got to have them, aren't they fabulous, gorgeous colour, yes definitely have to have them , stairwell lights. Good job sparkies!
A little unusual, just like me. (No that does NOT mean that you need to nod your head in agreeance.)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Our splashback reminds me of Hot where are the marshmallows?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Kitchen splashback installation will be Friday at 1pm. I'm sweating on it looking good. I hope it dosn't look like a frozen dinner...bland. I don't do bland very well. At the moment I am only just coping with "neutrals", so bland will do me in entirely.