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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Single or Double scoop?

Who the hell wanted a 2 storey house? BL**DY HELL. Yes, good for the thighs, right, yes I know. At least now I have a little incentive to go up the stairs (for 67th time today) and that's to look at my lights...mmmmmm......LURVLEY...........oh now I am sounding like Homer Simpson. Ugggh. I am starting to form little piles of "stuff" at the bottom and top of the stairs to be taken up or down on the next trip. I should keep a mileage log for these stairs, better not, the Tax man wouldn't believe me.
So here is a progress pic of Miss T's room. It's fresh and fun and a great space to be in. It feels light and positive, BUT... (I am very fond of those three little dots and the dramatic pauses aren't I? and the parentheses - brackets - also),yes, as I was saying, it's looking more like a Gelato Store every day. (what are they called those Gelato places, shops? Parlour? Bar?). The rug was a bargain on ebay and it's fantastic!'s HUUUGE. Way bigger than I thought. I actually had to put a bit of it under the bed. All we need now is a bling bling cushion (in AQUA of course)for the bed, oh and a little desk, oh and a blind, oh and curtains, and .........phew, this interior stuff is exhausting.Yes, so any of you guys that are a bit thin on the scalp department, you can get a bargain rug on ebay hahahheheh *hysterically falling on the floor now, love my own jokes*