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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oboe... Oboe... I thought it was a musical instrument?

Oboe d'amore. Paint colour. Who on earth names these paint colours and more importantly how much do they get paid? Are they on drugs when they think of them? Do they all sit around and drink martinis to excess at the local cocktail bar and then laugh themselves stupid over the names they choose. I bet they do. They must get such a hoot out of naming a paint and imagining people like you and me rocking up to the paint counter to ask for a tin of paint that we can't even pronounce the name of. Can you imagine a big burly painter man with an accent from the other side of the world, asking for a 6 litre tin of "obowee dee amorree" pwittty pwease?
I am sure these paint naming people get a laugh at out expense when they pick these names.
Oh choosing paint colours. It's a shocker. You can go round and round in circles, tie yourself up in knots with colour charts and literally invest a years salary in sample pots. That's ok though. It has to be just right. Not 'nearly' right or 'it'll do' or 'not quite what I expected', or 'it'll lighten/darken up', not even 'Mmmm, they must have mixed it wrong...' or ' Gee it looks different to the colour chart, maybe it's the light?' Yes there are a million responses, but really it's because it's just not the right colour. You know it's the right colour when you go, YEP! that's it.
Anyway it looks great. Can't wait to get some green foliage in front of it. Whoop whooop!