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Saturday, March 5, 2011

12 months on

Has it really been 12 months? Yep, we have been officially residing here in our new house for a year now. So I thought it would be interesting to do a catch up on what we like and what we don't like quite so much after having really lived in the house.
Ok so,

Love the look and the feel of the porcelain tiles under my feet, so smooth and comfy.
Love that we were able to double our Al Fresco size. Great space.
Love the plan of the house, it works so well with the way we live.
Love our appliances and how they work.
Love the Moon River walls all through out the house. It's a soft peaceful colour that goes with everything.
Love that we chose to render the house.
Love the carpet. The colour and the style.
Love the laundry being off the kitchen and it having it's own door to the outside.
Love that we were able to put the clothes line right outside the laundry door. (Well actually there was nowhere else for it to go as personally I didn't want the clothes line in the backyard.)

Don't love the fact that we have abundant storage in the bathrooms and the cupboards are half empty.
Don't love the fact that we could not afford to extend the height of the wardrobe doors to the cornice. It limits the use of that top shelf when you look in and see that the cavity goes all the way to the roof.
Don't love climbing the stairs all the time, and no I have not seen any evidence of body weight reduction.
Don't love the noise of the water pipes when the showers are running but getting used to it.

SO all in all, that's off the top of my head but I guess there would be more either side. In conclusion I think that list is not so bad.
We have so much more to do but it's all money, money ,money, as ABBA said, and boy didn't they know they would make heaps from that song!