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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pegs Please?

Within the next 20 days I believe we should have a Sewer Pegout. Now waiting for a commencement date and a Site Supervisor. Ho Hum..if something dosn't happen soon, it won't just be a pegout out it will be someone hung out to dry.

I've been adding to my 'remember this...' list in my book of tips. It's a really thick book now so it will be great for throwing if things don't go well during building. I have also been looking at lighting, and wondering what I will choose. There isn't much that takes my fancy I'm afraid. I mean, who gets excited about lighting? Not me. Well GARDEN lighting yes, but the everyday run of the mill lighting just dosn't do much for me. I have seen a couple of bamboo type pendants that are ok. I would like 3 of the above hung at different levels in the stairwell, but who knows what will happen. I saw it at Freedom and it looked quite nice.