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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is that movement? Is it moonwalkers?

Apparently... the Surveyors, (do they get a capitol S? I did a bit of surveying at TAFE and I didn't get it then either, passed the exam though, phew) have been on the block this week already and they will be finishing whatever it is they do tomorrow. A Thriller hey? They must be moonwalking in and out leaving no trail or evidence to be left behind, very UNlike tradies, I'm sure.
If you like the little fishies to the right, just click on the pool they are swimming and the food will drop and they will swim to eat it. Very clever aren't they? The puppy of the day is just a little thing the girls thought was cute, just to entertain you. (What? am I not entertaining enough?)
More News From The Block...when it is known.
What a shame about Michael Jackson hey? So sad. I still have my J5 and MJ (he deserves capitols) black records, yes the vinyl. Miss C calls them ''those round black things that play the music on that machine thing" I didn't realise how much I really loved their/his music. Listening it to it over and over this week made me realise how much. Ok I'm gonna' Beat It for now...more news from the block when it's known.
I'll put it down in Black and White for you. Heee heeee......hhoooooo hoooooo.... I love doing that..hee heeee hooo (in a MJ squeek), coz I'm Bad, I'm Bad, ooops, sorry got a bit carried away. Nearly Boogied On Down right off my chair. woooo. Who's BAD? yeee heeeeee...