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Monday, August 24, 2009

TOP floor please - all aboard...

Yes we are on the way to the TOP floor please!

It is very creative how they have arranged all that wood isn't it? Looks like a house? Don't you think?

This first piccie is of the front view from the street and you can see the Front door in the middle and the Formal Lounge to the right.
You can also see all the frames for the top floor piled on top. There is actually a floor up there already. The builders will be back tomorrow to start on the top floor. Thank goodness that horrible wind has gone. (Must have been the Indian curry!)hahaha

The second photo is of the bum view (the back..hahah OH I crack myself up with my jokes, OH! there is another one hahah). Wait till I just get control of myself again..

OK, the REAR view is the one with the windows on the ground, in front of the Theatre Room. The space next to that is the sliding doors from the Kitchen and the next gap is the kitchen window above the sink. (No it won't go down to the ground, they WILL have to put a sink in and I WILL have to continue to wash up. Bugger). You can see how the doors will open out to the Al Fresco, which is the slab sitting there baking in the sun nicely.

The pic at the bottom is the one with the big metal joist (?) greenish in colour, that is the front view and that is the garage. Next to it is the front door.
Hopefully there will be pics of the top floor in situ, by the end of the week. I know, I know, I can hear you saying, OH goodie, I can't wait to see them. You are saying that aren't you? You know that if you are not saying that then there may NOT be a sausage on the barbie for YOU my friend...