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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shout to the top!

Remember that song by Style Council? I LOVE it. I tried toget it to play on the blog but couldn't figure it out. Anyway.. It's looking good don't you think? The house of sticks is actually taking shape. Miss C has decided that she will swap rooms as she dosn't like the view from her first chosen room. (The neighbours black tile roof). I would have to say I agree. Here I am having kittens about what the neighbours will be seeing and never gave a thought to what WE would be seeing. SO there you go! I will post a front street view and a view from the backyard. I forgot there was a long narrow window on the back wall. I just keep thinking, how the hell am I going to clean this house. Any ideas, please let me know. Better still any VOLUNTEERS, that's even better. The bricks have been moved around a bit and reday to go. Apparently we are waiting for the plumber and the brickies should start brickying this week after the plumber has done his plumbing. The bricks will be rendered so they are just basic bricks.