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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brickies on FIRE!

Well the brickies have done a great job. They were rewarded with a case of ginger beer, without the ginger (wink wink) They were happy chappies indeed. There is one broken window upstairs *oops*. Well the weather has been gorgeous hasn't it? My fingers were itching to get into that warm soil so I have been tinkering in the rental garden a little. Well, I have to have some practise for the real deal don't I? Not spending too much, but popping in a Chilli plant here and there won't hurt. Sorry I digress...Anyway, apparently next week we can expect the eaves and fascia, render and the roof tiles should arrive. How fantastic! So we may; fingers, toes and eyes crossed, get away with no more rain getting inside the house. Will post a pic when there is something new too look at. Thanks for your attention span, you can go back to sleep now. What? HEY!? oh looks like you're asleep already...oh well there must someone that's interested. Yeah well when the smell of those snags wafts under your nose from the house warming BBQ you'll sit up and pay attention won't you???
Oh yes, and Freedom rang and said our 3 light shades are ready to pick up for our stair well!!! YOOOhooooooo... yes well THAT was worth waking up for wasn't it? Party pooper. Be careful or I will make you look at more pictures as well.