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Monday, May 10, 2010

Last drinks... no bar stools

Well yes that's right. ANOTHER WEEK. ANOTHER WEEK.

*screaming emoticon face here* actually....

Apparently the Bar Stools have actually put their four legs (times 4) on Australian soil, but now have to make their way to the exporter then to the store then to me. Let's hope they aren't using the same GPS that they have been using to get from China to here. OMG...SOMEBODY GIVE THEM AN ATLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I should give you some other little tidbits to keep you interested. Alright since you are pleading, a few piccies to keep you happy.

I have to say that I have really enjoyed the decorating thing. I actually LOVE it. The stumbling block has been the lighting. I hate lighting. Not the actual effect of lighting, the actual lights themselves. I cannot seem to see much that I like. I have chosen these lights for the main bedroom and if you would have asked me 6 months ago what I thought, I would have said "No Way!". I have somewhat learnt to be a bit more open minded to the light situation and now that they are up and functioning I actually do quite like them. Very funky I think. They are rattan so still keeping with the tropical thing.

The bedside lights are perfect. We did buy others, a bit cheaper and bit plainer and they just didn't "cut it" when we put them in their place. Looked terrible. So we took them back and got these ones and I am happy with them. Funny how things either look right or wrong. The RED lamp is gorgeous. I love the shiny glazed surface and the softness of the silk ribbon shade. It looks perfect being new and gloss with the old style table. Now THAT lamp was an impulse buy. Can't say that that happens very often but it was so lovely that we couldn't leave it behind

I have been eyeing off some silver metal fish wall art at Freeeeeedom. I know it's perfect for above the bed and I just can't seem to think of anything else unless I find or create an artwork for there. Mmmmmm....something to ponder. I have added a little red tealight (candle) holder beside the bed, in a Lotus shape as I have a white Lotus shape on the other drawers. When I placed the red on the chocolate I have to say that there was almost an audible *POP* of colour. Truly. Yeah Yeah, I can hear you say... but I am telling you I can HEAR colour. Maybe it is a metaphor for a champage cork saying WOW what a colour?*! Actually the same sound happened when my waters broke with daughter number 1...*pop*...well we won't go there....

It's true.

We have an outdoor table now. Bargain of the century for sure. Accommodates 10 bums and looks even nicer now that I have my nice shiny Lime green leaf plate in the centre. Quite tropical. It did well on Mother's Day for lunch and well worth the bargaining.

You can see that we have temporarily attended to the privacy issue.
Those blinds were from the previous house and we even used them at the rental house so they have more than returned their cost. We would still like to put a Villaboard feature wall along the fence and paint it a pretty colour with some sort of feature in front and we will do that, but later on.

I like the blinds and they do the job but they do cut down the Winter sun in the mornings and that is a big shame. I will keep them though even when the feature wall is up because in Summer they will provide a good buffer for the sun.

I have done a little on the gardens. I wil take a few pics and add them soon. The camera battery is getting a well earned recharge at the moment.
The grass is looking fabulous as well. Will add a pic of that too, just to keep you interested. *laugh laugh*