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Saturday, May 1, 2010

stock shock...

SO we go to IKEAAAAAAA!! Whoot hoot!! We go to look at an entertainment unit, BUT we buy some boxes, somes powerboards, a pot plant pot, desk, basket and some side tables. Get to the checkout, which at Ikea is like the end of a 4 hour trek, and they say, oh no you have to go back and get the staff to organise that Entertainment Unit for you because there are so many parts to it. Oh no. We are Not going BACK in THERE!!! No way! We have shopped, had our meatballs and mash at the Restaurant, picked out our 'get it yourself stuff'' from the shelves and now we have used up the limit of the free parking. Oh bugger, not another trip? Another trip to get another load of stuff that you didn't go there to get in the first place. It's a bit like Bunnings. No matter what you do, you always end up with stuff you didn't go there for. It's like a homewares vortex that sucks you in as you grab for the doors at the entrance. Then once you are in there you are transported to homewares heaven. It defies all odds. Truly it does. When you escape, you stand there shaking your head and your credit card and go "What the hell just happened?, what is all this stuff and where did it come from?"
The same thing happens to me at Freedom.
*bewildered face here*
So we go to the lighting shop. Choose some bedside lamps, on sale, of course. See another lamp that we did NOT go to get and shudder as we say, OK let's get it. Then they say, "You 'll have to wait 7 days, there are none in stock." *shocked face with blank stare face inserted here*, but what about the bedside lamps? "You'll have to wait 7 days, there are none in stock" I feel another "What the...?" coming on.
So I check on how my bar stools are going, how close are they to the Australian shore from whence they are coming from? People on leaky boats seem to get here faster than my barstools.
"No, not here yet", they say, still waiting. Perhaps the Coast Guard or the Navy could accompany my barstool ship to shore please?
So I check on my lights at Freedom, no it will not be 2-3 weeks now (that time is up) it will be the end of May. What the...? Can't wait that long. I cancel the order. (Then buy cushions instead, of course. What are you looking at me like that for? Isn't that what everyone does?)
Go to another light shop, choose some more. Different ones. "Oh, you will have to wait 7 days, none in stock." What the?
to SHOP (verb- doing word for those who remember from Primary school) definition -
You go in, choose, pay, take it home, enjoy, feel elated at your purchase. Obviously not. It's... You go in, choose, pay, then wait 7 days, then another 2 weeks and in the case of bar stools wait 9 weeks, all the time FUMING. No enjoyment.

Will post pics of the bedside tables soon. Oh yes, MINUS the glass tops, none left in STOCK!
Looks like another round of Swedish meatballs and mash coming up...maybe I should just get the damn recipe.