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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A little bit of a wind problem

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Mmmm, well we had a bit of a wind problem last night. No not that kind of wind *rolling eyes here*. Goodness me if you had a gust of 110km's coming out your bottom it would be more than a little bit of a problem I would think? Oh, gee let's not even go there.
No, it seems that there was a gusty low pressure system and boy oh boy did we cop it. We are all bleary eyed today after only a few hours sleep due to the noise and worry of what was happening outside. I somehow neglected to take a photo of our big netted trampoline that ended up doing a pirouette across the backyard but luckily didn't manage to execute the leap over the back fence. Needless to say a 2am look out the window found it up ended and in the arms of the Murraya hedge along the back fence. Knew I had good reason to plant that hedge 12 years ago.
It is a little "bent" now, but still functions. Guess it's life as a ballerina was short. A few plants went to the Garden in the sky as well. Damn.
It was a good test for the new house and it survived. Hip hip hooray. Also a good test for the Privacy Screen, and it seems it didn't move a bit.

Ok, so I have just take a few snaps of things that made me look twice this week.

I just love the way the sun shines through the white blinds in the morning it joins the palm and the Chocolate pot for a group hug. I love this corner. Weird I know.

I was also taken smitten by the way these pink uggs and the chocolate tones went together. I seem to be liking that PINK a bit. Would love to use it as an accent colour in one of the spare rooms maybe. When the sun shines on the Cyclamen in the mornings it almost glows.
Hence the colour Cyclamen Pink.

That's all the trivia for today. Had my little dose of chit chat, and a feeling the lack of ZZZ's from lastt nights whirlwind. A PINK goodnight to you.