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Friday, April 17, 2009


East elevation is

Back view showing Al Fresco Front view.

West view is Front. Cladding top half. Balcony to the left.
Click on photos to enlarge view.

I thought that I would try to post a photo of the front and back plans of the house. We decided to double the Al Fresco so it is quite a good size now. We found some great 'ready to go' type BBQ, sink and fridge set ups at BBQ's Galore. They are in stone with a Ceaserstone type top. Really swish and much easier than doing it yourself with bricks. Shame we can't buy and store it because they are on sale and the guy was going to waive the $200 delivery fee. (they are really very heavy). I guess when we buy one in a year or so they will have a new and updated version. Anyway I got a bit off the track there.

It seems that we feel the building won't start until maybe May towards the end. The demolition should be next week. The house is nearly empty and ready to be smashed down. It has taken a lot of work and trips to get to that point. Seems like we will never get there but I know once the building has started it will feel a bit better. Fingers crossed.