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Friday, June 18, 2010

Longer than War and Peace

This stupid bar stool sory has gone on longer than War and Peace. The book War and Peace was way more riveting than this, even when used as a door stopper.

So where are we at? uummm well first of all, how cool is the new background. I love it. Bamboo!! Woohoo!!

Yes well, the 2nd set of stools were a no - show. Driver didn't call, we stayed at home all day waiting with anticipation, kids clawing at the bench wanting a stool to perch on... NUP. NUDDA. NOTHING.

Rang the shop. Told them we are over it. Not playing this stupid game any more. Full time whistle blows....drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. SIN BIN, red card, all over red rover.
Called the store, too bad, not getting your money back, they say. Lovely isn't it? Such delightful customer service. How can we expect the kids at Maccas to get it right when the adults show such disdain and ignorance?
They told us that they have the right to replace or repair. Well apparently the Dept. of Fair Trading tells us there is another "R" there and it stands guessed it - REFUND. Yes the ACT says REPLACE, REPAIR OR REFUND. How convenient to not remember that one?
We can make a formal complaint online, but will pursue it with the store on Monday. If there is yet again no joy then let the Online complaints begin....ooh let me at it.
Meanwhile we cannot buy any other stools because we need to get the money back first and we cannot use the ones we have because they need to go back.
We have bought the timber posts and the blueboard for the PRIVACY (screaming as loud as I can) screen. It will hopefully begin next week. Thinking it migt be nice painted Cuban Coffee, mmm , even the name conjours up warmth and luxury huh? (and I don't even drink coffee) , but I can almost SMELL that colour (goes along with 'hearing' colour a few posts back, as you would know becasue you diligently read every letter I write, don't you??? *snicker snicker* Ifyou can't remember that bit you had better REVISE, quick smart *tut tut*)
Yeah, so that's about it. Enlightened a bit now are we? Do yourself a favour and play the little frog's soon on the right by clicking the triangle. Will take you back to the days of The Muppets on
Saturday nights...bit like the State of Origin The Muppets isn't it? a puppet show.