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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Firstly I want to say Congratulations to my Homeone buddy bel, how has after many years of trials and tribulations unbeknown to us, has become the proud owner of a CC!. That would not be a coastal condominium or a cool corvette, something much better

Now, to the not so exciting stuff.

Now it amazes me how with all things considered, the gases, the atmosphere, the tides, the gravity and all that molecular stuff, that the sun actually manages to rise and set each day without any help from us mere mortals. It's truly amazing isn't it? So in comparison, how the hell one can't buy 4 new bar stools and expect them to be delivered on time and in a new condition? Such a simple task as opposed to the earth spinning on it's axis every day unassisted. One would think?
Mmm, well the stools arrived. YES they did. Why am I not jumping out of my skin? Because they are a load of c--p. The timber is split and has been filled, the lining is coming off, the sewing threads are hanging off everywhere. I am not game to touch that thread for fear that the whole world will unravel before my eyes. So I ring the shop lady. She says I will contact the importer. The importer contacts me and says she will send 4 new stools. OK I say stupidly. Over the weekend I decide I want my money back, I don't want 4 new stools. SO I tell the importer and she takes them OFF the delivery truck. So we then tell the shop lady on Tuesday. Refund please. She says YES sure! ...but they (shop) keep 20% cancellation fees. WHAT??? What cancellation? They are in my home, nothing was cancelled? Another Homeone forum person with obviously way more intelligence than the infuriating shop lady, steers me in the direction of info from the ACC and Dept. Of Fair Trading. Mmmmm I could have something here I think *snicker snicker*.
Anyway after hearing they want to keep 20%, (they should be paying ME, for the inconvenience of the last three months, don't ya' think???) we decide that we will yet again wait for a replacement set of stools and of they are NOT PERFECT then we shall pursue this down the rocky road of rage. Am I nuts??? So we call the importer back, tell her we want the stools and she says OK but the truck has gone and you will have to....yes I can hear you all in unison, it's like an AC/DC concert... all together now and punch the air...


I am hysterical.