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Sunday, July 18, 2010

From Kindy to kids

A bit of light relief. What does this have to do with building or construction, I hear you say?
A lot really. It takes a long time to build a person. You never have a set of plans to go by and goodness knows nothing ever goes to plan anyway. You are always changing, the frames move and settle, the exterior weathers a bit and needs a reno every now and then. The outlook is revised, the forecast is adjusted. The landscaping changes with the seasons and the fashions. The environmental influences have their impact, the materials sourced give good foundations, the suppliers are invaluable. People, dwellings for souls.
Here we are 4o years later, looking damn good I might add. I dare you to disagree.
We have been through Primary and High School together and now on the other side of the city from where we started. We have made it this far and I dare say this deserves a big round of applause. *and a Mexican Wave if you feel so inclined*.
We take a bow and say, Thank You.