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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stupid Stuuls

Well they suit the kitchen. They do remind me of the dark teaky type furniture of Asia, so I guess that's a plus.

The driver stayed and watched unwrap them so as to bear witness that we didn't damage them and whatever damage we found would have been exsisting. They were marginally better than the last lot. Still not the best quality but we are over it and decided to just keep them. Suppose we could have got these....hehehe

One thing I will say about our stools is that they are really comfy. Just like a dining chair. Bit of a rip off for the kids though, no spinning, so swinging, no rocking, no head cracking falls from unsteady bases, they just sit firmly and squarely on the ground. Thank goodness. I couldn't stand all the dramas and continual "stop spinning on those bl**dy stools or you'll throw up!"
Yep, cheaper than a carnival, but you are responsible for the vomit. Uh uh, best to be sturdy and safe. Vomit free. Vertigo maybe from the height but no spinning.
We have eaten dinner there a few times now and it works well. We don't have a table and chairs in that room yet so they do the job. Only thing is the kids have to watch the TV (of course dinner always seems to be ready on queue with the start of The Simpsons), in the reflection of the kitchen window. Lucky we decided to make that window larger!
Still haven't painted the M5 sound barrier. Still not sure which colour. I am now thinking that it might be a good idea to leave the post tops and maybe get some bamboo to put along the top as a finish, and attach it to the posts. Will investigate that avenue. Mmmm, what else? That's it for the moment. Still want THAT buffet (few pages back...), will try to save up for it, but HAVE to have the Hall table to match. Miss T needs a desk in her room and some drawers. I wish she would pick a light that she likes but she seems content with the bulb, so guess it's not a priority for her or like me she has no valid interest in light fixtures. Still have heaps of boxes to unpack, ho hum. One man (or should I say woman?) team of unpackers for that job.