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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Liking the Oboe D'Amore

It's the last one in the block here ^^^. Oboe D'Ámore, Get used to it.
I think that's the colour for the M5 Sound Barrier PRIVACY screen.
You like?
It's actually not quite as dark in the sample pot but the paint guy says it will darken up when it's on (bit like fake tan huh?, you look like a warm fresh baked cookie when you leave the tanning salon and end up looking like a shrivelled up Mandarin by the time you get home *stunned face inserted here*). Yes so, we need to get whatever it is we need to get to apply the undercoat so we can get this Oboe D'Ámore in it's rightful place. A lot of it can be seen from inside the house, via the kitchen area, so it has to be a colour that is nice to live with. It's not so Grey in real life, seems to throw a bit of Purple at you but not really, ifyaknowwhatImean?