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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brain draining vanities

OK, well you might be saying, do we have to see this picture AGAIN.'s actually been photo shopped and the other colour has been added to the front facade around the Portico, or doorway area. One of my HomeOne Forum buddies kindly did that for me. So so clever. It looks like it's been painted already dosn't it? Vundaful! hehehe (private joke sorry) Anyway, we are going to ask the painter tomorrow if he will paint it for us because I THINK it was actually in the contract to have the portico painted anyway, which we have not done. SO, I hope it will be ok.
I have asked my H1 buddies, and my real life buddies and as per usual they have all come to the party (there will be a real one soon) and they mostly all agree that it is a better look than just the upstairs in one colour and the downstairs in another colour. It sort of adds interest and drama to the entrance. Hope that's all the drama we'll ever see at the front door...not likely with 2 girls. Now if you have to go back a page or two to see how it is at the moment then you just have NOT been paying close enough attention have you? What's going on? Snap out of it, PAY ATTENTION. You could be called upon at any time to give your valued opinion and what are you going to say? Well, I had more important things to do? uh uh *she wags her pointy finger*
We also have another hiccup with the vanity basin, oh what a saga. Nearly as good as the Bold and the Beautiful. Funny how we ask for things and they say no and then we end up having to do it anyway, because basically it all works out to be a bit of damn common sense. We have been given permission to choose the vanity we wanted in the first place in our own home.Gee thanks. The vanity will be unavailable until Feb through the builder. No, we wouldn't like to wait to move out of this sweatbox rental for the sake of a bit of white ceramic with a hole in it called a off to Harvey Norman we trudge, with the very bored children. Pick a vanity/cupboard I say to the child, the brown one or the white one...well she says...I like the brown one but not with the white sink. Oh geez, what colour sink would you like dear? NO NO NO DON'T answer that. Fancy asking a kid to chose a vanity? What was I thinking? Just wanted them to have some input. I think we have one, just need some taps to go with it and a waste drain. Draining alright...indeed. Oh forgot to add we had to go BACK to HN because vanity child left her Nintendo cover and Brain Training game (obviously it's not doing the job, maybe it should be called Brain Drain, it goes in and straight out again) on top of one of the vanities. They can't go 5 minutes without electronic entertainment can they? I mean how can looking vanities for the
50th time NOT be entertaining, all that laminex, all those cupboards, oh, riveting. They are so unappreciative of the simple thing some times *eyes rolling again*.