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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Waiting, waiting....tap, tap, tap

Well we've been sitting around tapping our fingertips on the desk, while the grass keeps growing on the block. Tap Tap Tap... I managed to pack a few more boxes. We have one week to go before we get our hands on those shiny keys. Our SSS (Super Site Supervisor) is on a very well deserved holiday.
Meanwhile we haven't noticed too much going on at our place. We did our inspection with the SSS, so we know the list of things that need to be attended to.
We still have our Powder Room vanity here in the box sitting in the rental house, there is a saga attached to that if you care to read a few pages back.
SO when all else fails, GO SHOPPING! Miss C has a new Doona Cover for her room. She is indeed very happy. The Writer is quite happy also because it is a lovely design and not a Pony, Fairy or Cartoon Character in sight. It will fit in nicely with the rest of the house and make a beautiful and exciting splash of colour in her own new room. Now all we need to do is buy the Bunks for the doona to go on...*eyes rolling again*
There is another HUGE tile issue happening but I won't bore you with it. Needless to say that we will have to PAY (looking at the Quote and shuddering as I type) to have whatever dips that exist in the slab filled to make sure that our beautiful tiles are laid on a truly flat surface and give them the platform that they deserve. Ridiculous that we have to do that. Don't get me started...We also have the Quote for the driveway and the Colourbond Fence to replace the one that is almost down. So we need to gear ourselves up for the psychological rollercoaster of getting the keys which tells us the build is over and then opening the door to a whole heap of work before we can move in (whatever can be done after moving in WILL be). Carpet, tiles, garage floor sealed, driveway done, backyard and side levelled, fence replaced, retaining wall built with drainage etc., appliances delivered and installed, Air con box motor thingo installed, Glass splashback, clothesline bought and installed, turf laid to stop all that dirt being traipsed in, landscaping, rangehood installed, some sort of window coverings, furniture removalists (who will probably *sigh* and *uh oh* when they see us again), rental inspection and...well that's enough for now, I need to take a break I'm exhausted.
We are standing at the door with our suitcases waiting for the Starters Gun to POP...