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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tiles and Tribulations

Well the SS told us today that Handover is set for 1st Feb... yiippeee, but there is a stackload of work to do after we get those keys. So volunteers now is the time to earn your brownie points for sausages on the barbie. We were actually working on the 28th Jan so our time line is a little squew-if now. We have a tile problem (so what's new?). The short story is, the tiles being 60x60cms should be laid on a bed of cement,not glued. The glue for such a large tile is unreliable due to the levelness or unlevelness of the slab.(yes, I made those words up, so what? that's female building speak, just like "thingo" and "whatsy", not to mention "ugly" and "what the hell is that"??! and the ever popular "I'm telling you it's NOT straight!"). If they are laid on cement we need to take off all the painted and neatly put on skirtings on the bottom floor, then lay the cement and then the tiles, then replace the skirtings and touch up the paint. PAINFUL. Then we have the problem of the tiles being too high as it will raise the level by 3.5cms so then the problem with the carpet butting up lower than that and then the appliances will be too high probably to fit under the bench etc. Not to mention trip step hazards into and out of the tiled areas. Oh hell. SO if it is glued on the slab, there is no promise that the slab is level (most probably not) and there may be areas where they will sound hollow when you walk on them as they may not have contact with the slab. The other drama is that when we call the Tile company tomorrow to ask if we can get 45x45 tiles instead (smaller and easier to contact the slab) they will probably tell us we need to pay $500 paperwork fee and whether or not they are available is another matter. Oh hell. Did I say that already? Oh hell.
Why didn't somebody tell us this when we bought the damn tiles in the first place.??
Other than this major drama, I am very happy with the colours and the feel of the house is relaxed and lovely. When the tiles and carpets go in, it will be gorgeous.
Also need to get the garage floor sealed and the driveway done, we think we have chosen an aggregate driveway in white, browns and a dash of black. Nice. The painting of the portico was not a problem. It will be done. Also need to do the retaining wall, dig out and level the side of the block, landscaping (mine, mine, mine), plus the services to be connected, appliances delivered and fitted, along with the mini vanity for the Powder Room. We have bought it and think it will fit fine in regards to the door opening and not smashing into the vanity. It's cosy in there, hate to be locked in there with a fart for more than 3 secs, you'll be engulfed and knocked out imminently. So if you visit and we find you blacked out on the floor in the Powder Room we will KNOW that you farted. BUSTED. Fart upstairs in the REAL bathroom if you must please, then for God's sake open the window.
Yes so lot's to do. Will let you know how long the argument/phone call with the tile people goes for tomorrow. There are lots of other jobs to do after handover but i don't want to discourage you from applying as a volunteer. Oh did I tell you there are 50 downlights to be wired up? No I didn't think so...hey! come back, where are you going? no don't click on that...