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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Take it Eavey

Well the weather has been horrid hasn't it? Not happy building weather at all. Today we have eaves, and they are so gorgeous, all straight and flat and tidy. Speaking of neat and tidy, the corners of the bricks are ready for the render. They do look very sharp indeed. *wolf whistle*. Oh, and some of the cladding is there too. We have been wondering when that would happen.
Apparently a truck carrying a load of someone ELSES frames *sigh of relief, phew* came a cropper as the driver got them snagged on the power lines near us. DOH. Luckily the frames were not damaged. Bugger the power lines, they'll get double dollars to fix them anyway. *snicker snicker*
We almost had a swimming pool as a late addition as the kitchen was lapping with water after the drenching we had today. Wild wasn't it? So much for the roof that became the subject of my editorial and creative piece of poetry. DUD.
I WANT these Bali doors, what do you think. Thanks W for the pic and bringing them to my attention, your brother says, YEAH thanks a LOT mate, $$$$$$$$. I'd like to use them as a screen feature to block the view from the Study to next door's bathroom. They'd be nice with foliage beside them and it would make it seem like the actually do lead somewhere. Got to be better than the Colorbond fence. By the way the date at the top is carved and it says 1957. Whoah...Oh well, dream on baby.