Playing for change, have a listen, I defy you not to sing along...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clad things are going so well.

Well, it all seems to be moving along quite well. We now actually have cladding almost all the way around the house and the Balcony posts are installed. It's sort of turning out quite different to what I had in my mind. ST says that it is how he thought it WOULD be. I find the size dimensions of things to be different. I think it's because the picture of it that we doctored on the computer originally is sort of etched in my mind. That picture has been on the fridge for a long, long time now so I have had plenty of time to memorise it. Now the reality seems somewhat different to me. Perhsaps it's a girl things, like with maps you know, how we have to turn them to see things in perspective? With every phase though it seems to change. I imagined the Front portico area to be bigger. HATE that word - Portico, what the hell is a Portico? sounds like some sort of portable bathroom or something. Well it's not portable is it? It's an entranceway, a doorway, a place to dump a thousand pair of shoes, a place to leave the those canvassers knocking while we watch and laugh, a place to scream out "Could someone let me, in I forgot my key?", it is in no way Portable as the name may slightly suggest. Dumb.

The fence between the neighbour and us is looking decidedly dodgy, so I think a timely star spike or two should keep it intact for the time being. Don't want to make the neighbours unhappy. I guess the 91 km winds that we had for a few days would have helped.

When I look at that picture above it seems to resemble one of those Techno monster things that unfold into a whole new monster. Gee that would be useful when disciplining kids wouldn't it? MMMM, we better do our homework, coz we don't wanna' see what monster mum will turn into next....well it may not work with boys, that would probably just amuse them. Girls would just want you to be a different colour, like pink or purple.

I am looking at some type of frosting for the window at the side, what do you think of this? I quite like it. It's peel off (with hairdryer) and lasts 7 years. It also lets in 90% daylight. Not too expensive, mmmmmmm.