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Monday, October 12, 2009

Render Bender

Well, here we have RENDER. Looks ok huh? Of course it's naked, no paint, so when suitably coutured with the fashionable Paperbark paint, the look will be different. It changes all the time and we are never quite sure what the 'look' will be each time we stalk our own property. So far so good, bad luck if it isn't hey?
I will remind you dedicated viewers that if you *click* on the above photo, you will have the amazing opportunity to study it in closer detail. This goes for all the photographic records on this blog. I know how you are all sticklers for details, wouldn't want you miss a thing.
Unfortunatley for some, there are no shirtless tradies in this shot.
Would also like to mention that ''jc'' my H1 pacing buddy's house, is looking just lovely.